CyberSource and NetSuite jointly unveiled an integration of the two companies' products that could significantly reduce online credit card fraud for e-commerce companies. In a statement to reporters, company officials touted the combination of NetSuite's online ordering and financial tracking services with CyberSource's fraud management solution. When implemented into a company's network, the technology can screen new orders against over 200 common fraud detection factors, including:

  • Multi-merchant transaction history: By leveraging common transaction records from both companies, the partnership can more quickly pinpoint fraudulent orders by reviewing previous criminal activity on customer accounts.
  • Global delivery address verification: NetSuite and CyberSource can compare the shipping and billing addresses for new orders against a customer's location history and against the current location of the computer used to place each order.
  • Device fingerprinting: The partnership leverages tools that can sense disruptions in a customer's usual ordering patterns.

CyberSource, a subsidiary of Visa Inc., provides credit card payment processing services to over 300,000 businesses, including users of its popular Authorize.Net online gateway. NetSuite helped pioneer "cloud computing" solutions for complex financial software and e-commerce applications.