Cardbuilder Lets Consumers Customize New Discover Credit Cards

Editor's Note: Thank you for your interest, this offer expired and is no longer available.

Discover Card stepped up competition for new credit card accounts this month, with the debut of its Cardbuilder service. On Discover's overhauled website, applicants can customize the terms of their accounts, as well as the design of their new Discover Cards. The streamlined application provides instant approval, in some cases, depending on the account terms and balance transfer options selected.

During the application process, Cardbuilder users start with a of the most popular card offers and designs. By selecting a "choose your own terms" button, prospective cardholders can balance out a new Discover Card's features. For instance, a frequent traveler may prefer to earn bonus miles instead of cash back rewards. A consumer with a high interest rate card at another lender could opt for a less expensive balance transfer option.

Discover Financial Services spokesperson Anas Osman told reporters that customizing the terms of new credit cards can help consumers manage their finances more effectively. "We understand that people use credit in different ways and are seeking flexible options that allow them to choose features that are most relevant to them," Osman said.