Discover Card call centers earned the prestigious award for Highest Customer Satisfaction for the Credit Card Industry from the Service Quality Measurement Group. SQM benchmarks customer service interactions at over 450 of the largest call centers in North America. Researchers contacted credit card holders to measure:

  • Whether customer service requests had been completed within a single phone call,
  • The cardholders' overall satisfaction of the customer service representative, and
  • The cardholders' overall experience.

Although SQM has measured call center customer satisfaction since 1996, 2010 marked the first year the group issued rankings and awards specific to credit card issuers.

According to Discover Card officials, the majority of Discover's call center employees work in Arizona, Delaware, Ohio, and Utah. The credit card issuer pokes fun at banks that rely on overseas call centers in its series of commercials depicting a cheerful, yet inept man named "Peggy" who works for "USA Prime Credit." Along with honors from SQM, Discover also earned high praise for its customer service operations from the International Quality & Productivity Center and from the Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index.

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