Despite nearly three in four small business owners reporting that they had been hurt by the recession, a monthly survey commissioned by Discover Card revealed a leveling-off of cash flow problems for American companies. Participants in the September 2010 edition of the Discover Small Business Watch told researchers that they expected six or more months of tough times before any recognizable signs of economic recovery.

However, only 46% of respondents reported experiencing cash flow trouble during September, a drop from each of the previous three months. Half of the small business owners surveyed admitted that they had no cash flow problems whatsoever. Those results were enough to help push the Discover Small Business Watch Index up to 73.8 in September, an increase of .8 from August.

Slightly more than half of participating business owners reported that economic conditions were worsening for their companies, along with the overall outlook for the country. When asked whether a sudden windfall or grant would help their businesses, most respondents told researchers that they would use extra money to either pay off debt or to make new business investments.

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