Discover Card Holiday Credit Card Promotion Offers Cash Back Rewards for Year-End Gifts

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Discover Card Holiday Credit Card Promotion Offers Cash Back Rewards for Year-End Gifts

Officials at Discover Card have pulled out all the stops to make this holiday season a rewarding one for their cardholders. Back in August, company representatives told reporters that a series of promotions would highlight their card's added value, especially during a tighter-than-usual holiday season. With some advance planning, shoppers can swipe their Discover Cards and earn up to 20% in cash back rewards for every dollar purchased until the end of the year.

Discover Treats Holiday Shoppers to Up to 20% Rewards at Participating Online Retailers

Planning ahead can pay off for holiday shoppers who give gifts through Discover's special e-commerce portal. Ordering flowers or restaurant gift certificates through ShopDiscover can net cardholders cash back rewards of up to 20% off the purchase price. Other popular retailers offer special cash back reward bonuses of 5-15% for cardholders who click special links on Discover's website, DiscoverCard.com.

Discover Cardholders "Turn Receipts Into Rewards" at Major Malls

Another Discover Card holiday credit card promotion rewards gift givers who prefer to do their shopping the old fashioned way. By visiting a participating shopping mall and saving receipts, Discover cardholders can earn up to ten percent back on a day's purchases. Shoppers can find a participating mall in their region by checking a list at Discover's website. Then, after making $200 of purchases at any of that mall's retailers in a single day, a cardholder can validate their receipts at the mall's customer service kiosk. A mall representative will reward that cardholder with a Discover Gift Card for $20.

Discover Grocery Promotion Offers 5% Cash Back

Possibly the best Discover Card holiday credit card bonus, shoppers will enjoy added cash back bonuses of up to five percent on qualifying purchases at grocery stores until December 31. Although discount stores and "supercenters" do not qualify as participating grocery stores for the purposes of the promotion, savvy shoppers can often find last minute gifts and holiday treats at most qualifying supermarkets. With a maximum purchase amount of $400, party planners can quickly earn $20 in cash back rewards on holiday meals and decorations. Meanwhile, purchases at department stores, clothing stores, and jewelry stores earn 2% cash back rewards through the end of the year.

With several weeks remaining for these Discover Card holiday credit card bonus programs, prospective cardholders can still apply online for new accounts. By seeking out participating merchants, Discover cardholders can enjoy rewards while finding great bargains online, in malls, and even at the corner grocery store.


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