A new agreement between Discover Card and First National Bank of Omaha links one of the nation's oldest credit card issuers with a leading global payment network. Under the terms of the new partnership, FNBO will begin issuing its own credit cards bearing the Discover logo. Unlike Visa and Mastercard, which don't issue their own credit cards, Discover Financial Services services most of the cards bearing its iconic, orange logo. Since 2006, Discover has only allowed a handful of partner institutions to issue their own versions of the Discover Card.

First National Bank of Omaha became the fifth American bank to issue consumer credit cards with the launch of its "First Charge" accoundiscover-cart in 1953. Since then, FNBO has become one of the largest servicers of private label and affinity credit cards in North America. Although company officials declined to provide specific details about upcoming product releases, the new partnership could result in new reward and retail credit cards processed on Discover's global network instead of on rival networks operated by Visa and Mastercard.