According to a research study commissioned by Discover Card, one in three small business owners in America use smart phones. In the most recent survey, researchers asked respondents whether they use Android, iOS, or Windows Mobile devices to run their businesses when away from the office. A similar consumer survey found only a quarter of Americans using iPhones, Windows Mobile phones, and Android devices on such a regular basis.

Results were consistent among all age groups and business specialties, partly dispelling the myth that only young business professionals relied on smart phones for business-critical information and actions. However, more than two in five of the business owners who use smart phones indicated that they want to see more powerful applications to help them manage their organizations.

One in five respondents told Discover's researchers that they intended to use their own mobile phone experiences to help make their own businesses more accessible by wireless devices. Discover Card spokesperson Ryan Scully told reporters that he saw business owners' desire to streamline their mobile phone presence as consistent with the flexibility that has helped small business succeed over the years.

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