IT trade publication InformationWeek cited Discover Card for its innovations in customer relationship management technology. As part of its annual InformationWeek 500 list of companies using groundbreaking technology, the magazine's editors cheered the credit card issuer for its commitment to investing in new customer service tools.

Credit card customers may already have experienced the benefits of Discover's database technology without realizing it. When interacting with cardholders, customer service agents view a comprehensive profile drawn from dozens of real time data sources. Using an automated decision engine, Discover's CRM tool can make highly accurate guesses about the reasons for a customer's phone call. When combined with expertly trained call center staff, the system results in highly personalized, professional, and efficient customer service interactions.

Upon receiving news of the InformationWeek announcement, Discover officials told reporters that the company's technology investment paid dividends for both its credit card customers and for its workforce. Discover's service platform significantly reduced call time while helping agents deliver more highly-rated customer experiences, improving both customer satisfaction and employee morale.

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