Discover Tops Credit Card Fraud Detection List

Officials at Discover Financial Services announced that Discover Card topped the list of 25 major credit card issuers when ranked for identity fraud detection by Javelin Strategy & Research. The independent banking industry research group released findings from its most recent survey of credit card issuers. Researchers gathered data from lenders' websites and polled customer service representatives about the availability of fraud prevention features, such as:

  • fast connection times to customer service professionals
  • speed of credit card transaction alerts to e-mail or SMS
  • emergency account suspension procedures
  • account authentication protocols
  • fraudulent credit card charge reversal and resolution practices.

Discover spokesperson Carlos Minetti told reporters that credit card fraud prevention has become essential to customer service. "Our cardmembers and merchants depend on us for protection," Minetti said. "It's a responsibility we don't take lightly and an effort that demands continuous vigilance and improvement." In addition to leading credit card issuers in identity fraud protection, Discover earned second place in Javelin's overall Card Issuers' Identity Safety Scorecard rankings.

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