PULSE Brings PIN Security to Online Debit Card Transactions
While online merchants have joined the fray over credit card processing fees, one payment processing platform hopes to attract retailers and consumers to a familiar service. Engineers at PULSE have rolled out an online version of their debit/ATM processing platform. Cardholders accustomed to entering a four-to-eight digit PIN at a supermarket checkout can choose the same experience at online retailers using PULSE's technology.

Unlike other online PIN-based transaction services that use third party websites to collect payment data, PULSE's solution uses a plug-in technology that integrates into a retailer's existing checkout process. Usability research indicates that keeping customers on the same website enhances trust, resulting in fewer abandoned transactions.

Although the online PIN purchasing system may initially appeal to consumers holding ATM-only debit cards, PULSE's new offering may include side benefits for its parent company, Discover Financial Services. Discover Card and a handful of credit card issuers already offer cash advances using PIN-based retail and ATM transactions. Rolling out linked, PIN-based transaction cards can help assure cardholders of online security while building product loyalty.

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