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American Express is a CardRatings.com advertiser.

Following is a list of of the phone numbers for the customer service departments of the most common credit card issuers. Please Note! If you would like to apply for a card, please visit our Credit Reports section to apply online. You can not apply for a card using the numbers below (these are customer service numbers that have been established to service existing account holders).

If the issuer you are trying to contact is not listed below, you can use our active credit card forum to search for contact information for that issuer. You can also post on our board if you have any credit related question.

Credit Card Issuer
Customer Service Number

(800) 705-7255

American Express Consumer

(800) 528-4800

American Express Small Business

(800) 492-3344

Bank of America

(800) 732-9194

Capital One

(800) 955-7070

Chase Business

(888) 269-8690

Chase Personal

(800) 432-3117

Citi® / AAdvantage® Card

(888) 766-2484

Citi® Diamond Preferred® Rewards Card

(800) 633-7367

Citi® Dividend or Platinum Select Card

(800) 950-5114

Citi PremierPassSM Card

(800) 967-9800

Citi ProfessionalSM Card

(866) 834-9486

Discover Card

(800) 347-2683

GM Card

(800) 771-7363

HSBC MasterCard

(888) 385-8916

Household Bank Credit Card

(800) 771-7339


Use phone number on billing statement or call Chase (800)432-3117

Wells Fargo

(800) 642-4720

Last updated April 11, 2012

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