If you were going to buy something with a stolen credit card, what would you steal?

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What would you buy if you had a stolen credit card? When you research credit card crimes as much as I do, that thought tends to cross my mind, even though I'm pretty confident that if I ever came into possession of someone else's plastic, given my penchant for rule following, the only thing that would make sense for me to buy are adult diapers. Still, it's a question some of you may want to ask yourself as you read through our monthly look at odd credit card capers. If you were going to buy something with a stolen credit card, would you buy what these folks bought?

The crimes themselves are pretty ordinary, but what each person stole is kind of a head scratcher -- at least, if you consider that you're risking going to jail for these purchases.

The crime: In Milwaukee, according to the Wauwatosa Patch web site, a man named Vincent Jerome Reed, 49, allegedly used a stolen credit card at a drug store.

Was it worth it? He bought $143.29 of cigarettes and candy. Oh, and he also made a $1 donation to the American Diabetes Society, which might help when a judge decides his sentence. Then again, it may not help since that $1 was, after all, stolen money.

The crime: In Middle Island, New York, a gas station attendant, Mehmet Yaylacicegi, 55, has been charged with somehow stealing the pin number of a customer who had a company credit card, reports Newsday.

Was it worth it? He stole gas, which isn't all that surprising. Fuel is expensive, and if you're going to work at a gas station and steal someone's credit card, that makes sense. As for it being worth it, maybe in this case, the alleged thief thinks so. After all, he used the credit card successfully 330 times, for over two years, stealing around $26,000 of gasoline from his employer, which makes you kind of think his next performance review isn't going to be all that great.

The crime: According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, the paper of record for Daytona Beach, Florida, the authorities are looking for a man who has made several trips to a store between November 2012 and January 2013, spending over $3,000.

Was it worth it? He bought tires. Yes, this guy was frequenting a tire store. Now, tires are expensive, but he needed three grand worth? Maybe he was taking the tires and reselling them. Or maybe he's just had a lot of car problems. If he is caught and thrown in jail, at least he won't have to worry about his car. There is that. Not sure if this would be worth going to jail for, but it does seem like a better reason to risk prison than cigarettes and candy.

The crime: A man, Joshua Thomas Mullin, 24, of Apple Valley, Minnesota, was just sentenced for some credit card thievery in 2011, according to the Patch.com site for the Apple Valley-Rosemont area. And let me just say, what a pleasant name -- Apple Valley. You wouldn't think anyone could commit a crime in a place called Apple Valley, but apparently that's not the case.

Was it worth it? Beef jerky from Walmart. He also managed to spend $257.10 -- at Burger King. He worked there, so maybe he was treating his co-workers or simply wanted to binge on a lot of BK Double Stackers and Whoppers, but still, the merits of beef jerky and Burger King aside, was all of this worth going to jail over?

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