Woman breaks off relationship. Man steals her credit cards. And other strange stories…

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That's right: It's time for another round up of unusual credit card crimes happening across the nation. But instead of merely snickering or collectively shaking our heads at the ongoing antics of the ethically inept, we really should ask ourselves: What can the rest of us learn from all of this?

Man steals girlfriend's credit card

Lesson learned: If you're breaking up, make sure your credit cards are in a safe place.

What happened: According to the Jackson County Floridan, Daniel Alexander Valenzuela, 23, allegedly stole his girlfriend's credit cards after she broke everything off with him. It was apparently 1 a.m., on Christmas Eve, when he and his girlfriend entered her apartment and began talking about their relationship. It, evidently, wasn't going well because when Valenzuela asked his girlfriend if she wanted to break up, she replied in the affirmative. Then, Valenzuela reportedly said that he "needed a way out."

In normal circumstances, maybe that would be interpreted as a sign that he wanted a hug for some closure, or maybe he was drunk and couldn't figure out where the exit was in her apartment. But, no, instead Valenzuela allegedly grabbed his now ex-girlfriend's credit cards off the table where she had put them after they came back into the apartment.

Then, he swiped her cell phone, but she was able to wrest it from him and race outside, at which point, she called the police. But maybe Valenzuela is more guilty of simply being broken hearted and thus dimwitted than a dangerous credit card criminal. After all, he stuck around long enough for the police to arrive. When they asked if he had actually stolen the credit cards, he admitted to the theft. He sure didn't think what he did through, given that most crooks try to quietly steal credit cards without people seeing them, or most importantly, knowing who they are. That prevents the police from finding you and carting you off to jail, which they promptly did with Valenzuela.

And thanks to his crime, chances of reuniting with his girlfriend aren't so good.

Waitress steals rich guy's credit card

Lesson learned: Check your credit card statement! Including your company credit card…

What happened: It's something that personal finance writers will tell you until we're blue in the face (OK, that analogy doesn't quite work… until our fingers fall off from typing?), and yet, not everyone seems to have gotten the memo.

As Florida's Sun-Sentinel reported, Robert Camche, a 50-year-old owner of Sondra Roberts handbags in Boynton Beach, took his employees out for a meal on him. His waitress, Ashley Wakeling, 22, allegedly took his company credit card and used it to make a payment on her 2009 Nissan Altima.

Four times.

Six months after Camche took his employees out, he spotted the four unauthorized transactions, totaling $1,577, made out to a company called Premier Partners. Ms. Wakeling wound up in the Palm Beach County Jail, and even worse for her, having made payments with stolen money, her car was repossessed.

Guy has credit card stolen from unlocked locker

Lesson learned: Lock your gym locker.

What happened: This is another lesson that we all know, but apparently this victim just figured nothing bad would happen to him. As the Kansas City Star reports, a guy in Overland Park, Missouri, recently had his wallet and clothes inside an unlocked locker at his health club during a work out. And good for him for being health conscious, but bad for him for not being more security minded because someone came along and removed some of his credit cards.

And, yes, this would be a pretty boring story, if it weren't for how much money was spent on these cards.

The thief, who has not yet been caught, bought over $10,000 of merchandise.

Lock those lockers, folks.

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