Saying it's the first of its kind in the nation, Huntington Bank recently rolled out a new credit card, dubbed Voice. Unlike other cards that are limited to being either a rewards credit card or a low-interest card, Voice combines both options.

"At Huntington, our extensive research indicates that customers want to be empowered to design the credit card benefits that are right for them," Mary Navarro, director of retail and business banking for the company, said in a written statement.

In addition to allowing customers to choose between rewards or a lower interest rate, Voice also continues Huntington's commitment to minimizing late fees and convenience charges.

Is it a triple-rewards card or a low-interest card?

While Voice offers both rewards and lower interest rate options, customers shouldn't expect to get both at the same time.

When applying for the card, consumers must select from the following choices:

  • Triple rewards: Customers electing to use Voice as a rewards card can select one of 13 category choices from which they can earn triple rewards. As of October 2013, purchases made in the triple-rewards category will earn three points per dollar up to $2,000 per quarter. Purchases made in the other categories will receive one point per dollar with no limit on eligible spending. Cardholders have ability to change the triple rewards category each quarter.
  • Lower interest rate: If rewards aren't your thing, you may want to opt for the low-rate option. Customers going this route will have an APR that is 3 percent lower than the rate applied to the rewards card.

Huntington announced Voice in early September, and there is no word yet whether customers will be able to switch back and forth between the rewards and low-interest card options.

Huntington Bank offers customer-friendly fee policies

A regional bank, Huntington appears to be working hard to distinguish itself as an institution with customer-friendly policies.

In 2010, it introduced the 24-Hour Grace policy, which allows checking account holder to avoid overdraft fees by bringing their balance positive by the next day. The following year, Huntington launched its Asterisk Free Checking Accounts that have no monthly minimum balance requirements or monthly maintenance fees.

As for the Voice credit card, Huntington launched it with the following policies designed to minimize consumer costs:

  • No foreign fees
  • No annual fee
  • No penalty rate, which means customers who make a late payment get to keep their original interest rate
  • Late Fee Grace policy, which allows customers an extra day to make a missed payment

Together, the fee policies are part of what Huntington describes as its Fair Play Banking philosophy of doing business.

"The Voice Credit Card is another initiative aimed at doing the right thing for the customer by giving them a voice in their banking and allowing them to choose the card that is best for their financial needs," Navarro said.

Huntington Bank is based in Columbus, Ohio and does business in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia and Kentucky.