Have you seen any well-manicured credit card thieves lately?

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So do you know where your credit card is? Hopefully, safely tucked away in your wallet. The last thing you want to do is read about your credit card being stolen in our monthly look at our nation's more unusual credit card crimes.

Credit card thieves who wanted to look their best

If you're going to steal a credit card, pamper yourself. Why not? It may not be honest work, but it's probably just as hard as any other career out there. (Well, not so hard in this case. The victim apparently left her purse in her unlocked car. All the thieves had to do was open the door and help themselves.)

In Fort Myers, Florida, according to the local media, police are currently on the lookout for three women who went on a shopping spree with stolen credit cards. Overnight, they swiped a purse and used the several credit cards inside, and then the next morning, they went to a Walmart, a McDonald's and then a Winn Dixie, spending hundreds of dollars. They also spent $115, getting their nails done. They tried going back to Winn Dixie, a JCPenny's and attempted to spend $12 at a Great American Cookie store, but by that point, the victim had evidently discovered her credit cards missing and had reported them, since those were all denied. Credit card victims really know how to spoil all the fun.

Stranger danger

So you're golfing, and you meet a guy who is a bit down on his luck due to some marital problems. He is super nice, though, so do you…

a) give him marital advice and then wish him well?

b) invite him to golf with you and then buy him a beer afterwards?

c) suggest he come home with you and your spouse, and stay with you for awhile?

The Daytona Beach News-Journal just came out with a report that last December one Cynthia Woods chose C, and I'm guessing she is sorely second-guessing herself since the super nice guy, Daniel Joseph Hunter, 43, allegedly, after a week of being a guest, took her credit card and went on a shopping spree to the tune of $1,000. When confronted about it, Hunter said: "I'm sorry. Please don't put me in jail."

It took awhile, because he wasn't arrested until recently, but Hunter did go to jail, although as of this writing, he is free on bail.

Lifestyles of the not so rich and unknown

In Dayton, Ohio, James E. Patton appeared in a couple Dayton Daily News stories for being the guest of honor in a trial in which he was being accused of putting a $92,000 down payment on a $500,000 ring.

The problem? It was on a credit card that was no longer valid.

Not that that in itself is a crime. Plenty of people have their credit cards declined, and it's not like they're carted off to jail. But Patton allegedly, after having his transaction denied, called his bank to get his credit limit increased and was able to obtain a verification code -- or so he said. Patton apparently then gave the employee a fake code which made it appear as though the deposit had gone through. Four days later, the store, Weber's Jewelers, discovered that the down payment hadn't actually gone through.

Hard telling how Patton thought he would get away with this. In any case, he was located, brought in and a jury found him guilty. Doesn't sound like jail will go too well, however. From his stay before and during the trial, Patton already has three civil suits that he has brought forth against Montgomery County for his treatment in the slammer. One suit involves his being handed a bologna and cheese sandwich. Patton asked for something else, since he is on a gluten-free diet.

According to Patton, an officer then replied, "This isn't Hardees, and if you don't like the food or treatment, don't come to jail."

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