Darth Vader turns to a life of petty credit card theft, and other unusual crimes

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It's another look at the unusual credit card crimes we're seeing, from the surreal to the kind of unsettling, so here we go.

We'd expect no less from this guy

Here's an idea for the next Star Wars movie. Maybe we catch up with Darth Vader, who has backslid from being a good ghostly spirit and has now fallen back into a life of crime. Maybe this time he's on some random planet, stealing credit cards. Or maybe he has gone back into time into the year 2013, and he actually is stealing credit cards?

In any case, somebody dressed up as Darth Vader was spotted on a security camera in New Zealand using a stolen credit card. The credit card was stolen from a house in the community of Dunollie and used four different times at an ATM at a supermarket in the township of Hokitika. No word on how much the dark Jedi took, but The New Zealand Herald reports that it was a "considerable sum" of cash.

Boy, where's Han Solo and Luke Skywalker when you need them?

Kind of unsettling

Police are looking for four people who have stolen credit cards from women's purses and then used the credit cards to get cash advances at a bank.

What makes this a little unusual is that these suspects didn't get the cash advances from an ATM, like your normal ordinary garden-variety robber. No, these suspects took the names of the credit card owners and made fake driver's licenses, with a photo of the crook on it. So these four people then went into the bank and to the teller and asked for a cash advance.

One of the attempts was successful; the suspect made off with $4,500 from a woman's account. In another case, a $4,000 cash advance was denied, though no word from This Week Community News in Worthington, Ohio whether the person then fled the bank or just left. On the other hand, if more crooks would start doing this, tellers might be more on guard, and more credit card thieves would be caught. So maybe this is a good thing? Probably not.

Waitress catches credit card thief

Unfortunately, there are sometimes rogue servers at restaurants who will steal patron's credit card information, and then, occasionally, it's the wait staff who gets taken. But it usually doesn't work out the way it did for Brianna Priddy of Lakewood, Colorado.

On February 25, Priddy was working at her usual job, as a server at an Applebee's in Lakewood Colorado, according to several media reports. One of Priddy's customers on this particular night, a young woman seated with three other people, handed her an ID to get drinks. Priddy looked at it and saw her own photo staring back at her.

It took a second, but she realized she had encountered the person had stolen the contents from her wallet a couple weeks earlier. Priddy's cash, credit card and license had all been taken.

Priddy actually had the presence of mind to give her own driver's license back to the woman and told her she'd be right back with her margarita. Instead, Priddy called the police, and, well, you can figure out the rest.

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