Credit-card thief dresses up as victim to steal even more

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Once again, it's time to take a look at the latest in unusual credit card crimes.

New level of identity theft

Usually when a crook steals your identity, they're taking your credit card or maybe your Social Security number. They usually don't try and look like you, too.

A credit card crook in Weldon Spring, Mo., recently stole a woman's driver's license and credit cards out of her car while the woman was at a parent-teacher conference. Before the victim could cancel her credit cards, the crook went on a shopping spree at an area Walgreen store. The crook dyed her hair, and then put it in a bun, in an attempt to look more like the victim does in her driver's license photo. Why? So she could go to the bank and use the stolen identification to withdraw money from the victim's account. The dye job worked, she got her hands on $6,500, and is still at large.

Jailers swiping inmate info

Here's another reason to live a life on the straight and narrow and not end up behind bars.

A South Carolina inmate recently discovered his credit card information had been stolen.

The culprit? A Clarendon County jailer, who stole the inmate's information -- and used it to pay a $300-plus Geico insurance bill, according to a ManningLive.com report.

The charge appeared on the inmate's statement a couple weeks after he was released from jail. The jailer was arrested and will probably end up in jail himself.

Oddly enough, this isn't an isolated occurrence. A detention center deputy from Maysville, Kentucky, has been accused of using the personal information, including names and Social Security numbers, of two inmates and applying for credit cards. A search warrant for the deputy's home yielded papers and mail with names and Social Security numbers up to 10 individuals, among other pieces of evidence.

Playing detective

When Jeff Brekhus realized his company debit card was stolen, instead of merely calling the police and waiting to see what might happen, he played detective.

Brekhus was pretty sure he left his card at a place called Rome's Saloon in Denver and went back to see if he could find it. He ended up getting the cell phone number for his waitress and texted her, apparently asking if she had seen his card. She didn't reply. Brekhus convinced the owner at Rome's Saloon to take a look at surveillance video, and discovered footage of the waitress taking his debit card.

The police didn't have to do much work because Brekhus had done it all, including going to each store his thief had visited, her image in hand, and confirming that she had been there. He was pretty miffed, too, since he had already given the waitress a 30-percent tip.

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