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Are credit cards starting to act like smartphones? Written by Geoff Williams November 30, 2012 Mobile phones have been trying to turn themselves into credit cards, but are credit cards now trying to become mobile phones? Well, perhaps that's overstating it a bit, but MasterCard just announced that next year, starting in January, they'll be putting on the market in Singapore, a credit card that looks a little like a phone. In [...] Posted in: MasterCard Credit Card
Is the new Duo Card a good deal? Written by Geoff Williams September 15, 2011 It's a credit card. No, it's a debit card. Or perhaps the more accurate way to put it is that it's a form of payment with a split personality. You'd think that someone would have developed this a decade or two ago, but, nope, the Duo MasterCard, from Fifth Third Bank, is America's first actual debit [...] Posted in: MasterCard Credit Card Rewards Credit Card
WikiLeaks protest knocks credit card processors offline Written by
December 9, 2010
Regardless of your feelings about whether leaked government documents should be posted online, your credit card issuer's website could find itself at the heart of a conflict over freedom of expression. After American web hosting companies kicked WikiLeaks offline, the site's supporters attempted to solicit credit card donations to pay for offshore servers. Credit card [...] Posted in: MasterCard Credit Card

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