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Teaching Johnny how credit cards work Written by Geoff Williams October 6, 2011 In recent years, high schools and universities have been trying to teach students how to manage their money, bank accounts and credit cards. Moms and dads, who have been teaching their kids about money for generations, have likely been discussing money more, in recent years, ever since the economy began faltering. And now, credit card [...] Posted in: Discover Card Financial Literacy American Express Credit Card How Credit Cards Work
Money Messenger: Discover says its P2P is free, but is it? Written by Megg Mueller April 8, 2011 While credit cards make it easy to pay for purchases and utility bills, the convenience pretty much stops there unless your babysitter takes plastic or your Mom can run a credit card in her kitchen. Which is why Discover Financial Services has gotten into the person-to-person (P2P) game with its new Money Messenger service, "powered [...] Posted in: Discover Card
Discover Launches New Credit Score Tracking Service Written by
December 4, 2007
Discover Card is now offering comprehensive credit score tracking to its cardholders. Discover’s Credit ScoreTracker, which has a monthly fee, sends out alerts when a member’s score changes. It also provides resources to help members understand their scores and to reach target scores that they set themselves. If you’re a regular reader of the CardRatings.com Forum, [...] Posted in: Credit Score Discover Card
Discover Credit Card Offers Can Help Consumers Combat High Gas Prices Written by Mike Killian May 3, 2006 Editor's Note: Thank you for your interest, this offer is expired and is no longer available. Celebrating 20 years of its Cash Rewards Program, Discover Card currently offers two great ways to save money at the gasoline pumps. Each quarter, Discover Card offers 5% back for selected purchases within various categories through the Get More Program. For [...] Posted in: Discover Card Gas Rebate Cards

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