Credit Card Crimes

Someone pulls identity theft sorcery on 'Harry Potter' star Written by Geoff Williams August 1, 2014 It's time, once again, for a look at the most unusual credit card crimes being reported by the media. So here we go… Ron Weasley and the credit card thief Various media outlets have reported that someone stole the credit card of actor Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley in the "Harry Potter" movies. The thief apparently [...] Posted in: Credit Card Crimes
California crooks pay for high-end fun with stolen credit card Written by Geoff Williams July 4, 2014 It's time for another look at unusual credit card crimes making the news, and there are a few strange ones that stand out. Expensive taste Two teens are in hot water for credit card fraud. They rented a car with a stolen credit card -- a sports car, a McLaren 12C, valued at $240,000. And they also rented [...] Posted in: Credit Card Crimes
Beauty salon brings out ugly credit card behavior Written by Geoff Williams June 6, 2014 Every month, we take a look at the latest unusual credit card crimes and capers to hit the news. So without any further ado… Well-manicured sleight of hand In Tulsa, Oklahoma, Diane Barnes got a manicure at AQ Spa & Nails, and then when she went to pay for it, she realized her wallet was missing, according [...] Posted in: Credit Card Crimes
Credit card thief messes with the wrong group Written by Geoff Williams May 2, 2014 If you study unusual credit card crimes long enough, it doesn't take long before you notice certain patterns. Wal-Mart, Target and Best Buy, in that order, seem to be the favorite places for criminals to shop with stolen cards, according to my unscientific observations. Surveillance video is a law enforcement's best friend when it comes [...] Posted in: Credit Card Crimes
Credit-card thief dresses up as victim to steal even more Written by Geoff Williams April 4, 2014 Once again, it's time to take a look at the latest in unusual credit card crimes. New level of identity theft Usually when a crook steals your identity, they're taking your credit card or maybe your Social Security number. They usually don't try and look like you, too. A credit card crook in Weldon Spring, Mo., recently stole [...] Posted in: Credit Card Crimes
Wookiee wanted in connection with credit card crimes Written by Geoff Williams March 7, 2014 There are some amazingly mean and surreal crimes in our latest look at unusual credit card crimes, so we'll get right to it. In a galaxy far, far away… You're probably familiar with malware by now: you click on a link that some evil hacker sent you, and suddenly your computer is infected -- although often, you [...] Posted in: Credit Card Crimes
Man gets life sentence for stealing credit cards Written by Geoff Williams February 7, 2014 If someone is caught stealing a credit card, how long should they go to prison? Ponder that, knowing that at least one judge thinks this crime is worth 189 years behind bars. That was the sentence given to Recep Çetinkaya, a Turkish man who stole quite a few credit cards from business people and then used the [...] Posted in: Credit Card Crimes
Woman buys a round using bartender's stolen credit card Written by Geoff Williams February 7, 2014 I'm betting I speak for most readers when I say that I'd never be able to steal a credit card -- let alone pull something off like the hackers who stole the credit card data from 110 million Target shoppers in late 2013. Even if I could ethically talk myself into it, I'd be too [...] Posted in: Credit Card Crimes
Fast food, social media and stolen credit cards don't mix Written by Geoff Williams January 3, 2014 Time for another look at unusual credit card crimes in the news, and I'd like to give a special shoutout to four Northern California crooks. Doing something as spectacularly foolish as what you guys did makes these columns so much easier for me to write… Dumb Crook of the Month award goes to these guys The Associated [...] Posted in: Credit Card Crimes
Buying Botox with stolen credit card won't reduce wrinkles Written by Geoff Williams December 6, 2013 It's time for another look at the latest and not-so-greatest in unusual credit card crimes, and while we generally have a good mix of genders in our monthly round-up, or a slew of stories about knuckled-headed male criminals, this month… it's a ladies' night out. A new wrinkle in this woman's life In North Naples, Florida, one [...] Posted in: Credit Card Crimes

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