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Cash Back Credit Card

Earn more cash-back rewards with spring bonus spending categories

Written by Lucy Lazarony
Posted On: April 18, 2014

Getting some extra rewards on your cash-back credit card purchases now will help make your upcoming summer even more enjoyable. [...]

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How One Credit Card Fee Actually Helps Consumers

Written by
Posted On: July 20, 2009

Lawmakers hoping to build on the positive feedback from the CARD Act could be making a mistake by targeting credit card merchant fees. [...]

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How to Win the Cash-Back Credit Card Game

Written by
Posted On: September 18, 2008

An excerpt from How YOU Can Profit from Credit Cards: Using Credit to Improve Your Financial Life and Bottom Line.A little extra cash in your pocket sounds great, doesn't it? Maybe you could use it for a nice dinner out on your birthday, a movie night out with that special someone, a rainy-day shopping [...]

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