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Credit card passwords may become passe Written by Maryalene LaPonsie January 10, 2014 In a world of touch screens, passwords may become a thing of the past. Capital One has launched a new way for users to access its mobile app -- a way that means never having to worry about clumsy fingers causing typos. Mobile app users with iOS devices will be able to trace a pattern [...] Posted in: Capital One Credit Card
Some credit card issuers waive late fees for Hurricane Irene victims Written by Geoff Williams August 31, 2011 Some credit card issuers are trying not to add insult to injury. A handful of credit card companies earlier this week announced that they are going to go easy on some fees that customers who have been affected by Hurricane Irene might rack up. In particular, JP Morgan Chase on Monday told customers in an email [...] Posted in: Credit Card Fees Chase Credit Card Capital One Credit Card
Capital One Says, "Create Your Own Credit Card" Written by
January 15, 2008
Capital One just came out with Card Lab, a do-it-yourself site, where you can design a credit card that floats your boat. For starters, you have to indicate what your "credit level" is. Then you can pick and choose among basic and additional rewards, interest rates on new purchases and balance transfers, as well as [...] Posted in: Capital One Credit Card Best Credit Card Deals
Money Tips: How to Get Capital One Credit Card Credit Line Increase Written by
September 16, 2006
Guest: hankreardonPost subject: How to Get Capital One Credit Card Credit Line IncreasePosted: Sat Sep 16, 2006 11:32 am I am scared to post this, as I am quite new to this forum and suspect someone has posed this question before. So feel free to blast me if this has been answered [...] Posted in: Capital One Credit Card

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