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Would You Buy a New TV for $29,811?

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Posted On: December 18, 2007

Commercial America's version of "Ho, Ho, Ho!" is "No, No, No!" NO waiting—buy now—with NO interest and NO payments year...or maybe the year after...or maybe even four years from now. Many of the largest electronics retailers, as well as furniture stores, car dealers and other merchants who sell pricey items, have teamed up with credit [...]

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Credit Card Direct Mail Response Rates Take a Nose Dive

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Posted On: August 27, 2007

In 1998, credit card issuers could count on a response rate of 1.2% to the offers for new cards that they sent out. For every 1,000 pieces mailed, 12 people would sign up. The projected response rate this year is only 0.28%, or four times less than what the credit card industry received less than [...]

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Simmons Bank Credit Card Has Many Consumer-Friendly Features

Written by Mike Killian
Posted On: July 13, 2007

Recently, U.S. Senate hearings and Federal Reserve proposals regarding excessive credit card fees have filled the news. At such times it is refreshing to promote a card issuer whose card has been touted as being consumer friendly for many years. I am referring to Simmons First National Bank based in Arkansas and specifically to their Simmons [...]

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Got an American Express Credit Card? Decide How to Spend $5 Million!

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Posted On: June 11, 2007

American Express has recently launched The Members Project, where it will contribute $1 for every AMEX cardholder who registers for the project by August 5, 2007 – up to a total of $5 million. Registration is free, and as best as I can tell, there are no costs for participants. If you’re wondering what American Express [...]

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Getting Dinged with a $250 Credit Card Credit Limit Increase Fee!

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Posted On: May 29, 2007

Not too long ago, one of my colleagues came home to find an offer from Best Buy in her mailbox. It was for a MasterCard that came with some nice perks: An introductory APR of 0% – good for a year Four percent back on Best Buy purchases A minimum of 1% back elsewhere Two percent back during [...]

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Choose a Credit Card That Will Reduce Your Rental Car Bill

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Posted On: May 11, 2007

Wherever your travels take you this summer, having a credit card will make it easier to rent a car. Many companies won’t accept cash, and those that do require preapproval and a deposit. Click and Call to Get the Best Deal When you make your travel plans, look for specials on travel sites, such as Travelocity and [...]

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Prestige Credit Cards: Not Just for the Rich and Famous Anymore

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Posted On: May 3, 2007

The first and considered by many to be the most exclusive prestige credit card is the American Express Centurion, reportedly for people who charge at least $250,000 a year. Available by invitation only, the card is so exclusive, it's hard to get reliable information about it! What's clear is that Centurion is for wealthy [...]

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New Discover Card Offer Rewards On-Time Payments

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Posted On: April 10, 2007

Editor's Note:  This offer is no longer available.  Click here for an updated list of cards from Discover Motiva, a unique new credit card from Discover, is designed for people who carry a balance and can use some extra motivation to pay their bills on time. Here's how it works: When cardholders make six on-time payments [...]

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