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Balance Transfer

Gimmick or great idea? The new way to accept balance transfer offers

Written by Maryalene LaPonsie
Posted On: November 22, 2013

We love our smartphones, and U.S. Bank is betting we'll love the opportunity to use our mobile devices to accept their latest balance transfer offer. The bank says its Mobile Photo Balance Transfer is the first app feature of its kind offered by a major U.S. financial institution. Starting this month, credit card customers will no [...]

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A Triple Whammy for Credit Card Balance Transfers

Written by
Posted On: August 28, 2009

Consumers who are used to transferring credit card debt to new lenders may be in for a shock as new transfer fees are imposed by the banks. [...]

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Simmons Bank Credit Card Has Many Consumer-Friendly Features

Written by Mike Killian
Posted On: July 13, 2007

Recently, U.S. Senate hearings and Federal Reserve proposals regarding excessive credit card fees have filled the news. At such times it is refreshing to promote a card issuer whose card has been touted as being consumer friendly for many years. I am referring to Simmons Bank based in Arkansas and specifically to their Simmons Bank Visa [...]

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New Discover Card Offer Rewards On-Time Payments

Written by CardRatings.com
Posted On: April 10, 2007

Editor's Note:  This offer is no longer available.  Click here for an updated list of cards from Discover Motiva, a unique new credit card from Discover, is designed for people who carry a balance and can use some extra motivation to pay their bills on time. Here's how it works: When cardholders make six on-time payments [...]

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