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American Express continues to dominate customer satisfaction survey Written by Maryalene LaPonsie October 18, 2013 J.D. Power has been issuing its annual U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Survey for seven years, and for seven years, American Express has ranked first on the list. The credit card issuer narrowly edged out Discover for top honors on the 2013 survey. Three companies exceed industry average In developing its rankings, J.D. Power considered six aspects of [...] Posted in: American Express Credit Card
American Express playing games with its credit cards Written by Maryalene LaPonsie September 27, 2013 Pulling new customers into the fold can be a challenge for any business. Attracting young adults with disposable income to spend may be even more difficult, especially for older brands with stodgy reputations. But American Express thinks it has found a way to do both. The company recently announced a partnership with Riot Games, maker of [...] Posted in: American Express Credit Card
Teaching Johnny how credit cards work Written by Geoff Williams October 6, 2011 In recent years, high schools and universities have been trying to teach students how to manage their money, bank accounts and credit cards. Moms and dads, who have been teaching their kids about money for generations, have likely been discussing money more, in recent years, ever since the economy began faltering. And now, credit card [...] Posted in: Discover Card Financial Literacy American Express Credit Card
Popular American Express Credit Card Drops Most Rebates to 1.25% Written by
May 18, 2009
EDITOR'S NOTE:  THIS OFFER IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.  Click here for the latest offers from American Express.  A tough economy makes it harder to find great cash rewards in credit cards. The American Express Blue Cash Credit Card has been the favorite card in my wallet for several years. This credit card offered a 1.5% [...] Posted in: American Express Credit Card
Prestige Credit Cards: Not Just for the Rich and Famous Anymore Written by
May 3, 2007
The first and considered by many to be the most exclusive prestige credit card is the American Express Centurion, reportedly for people who charge at least $250,000 a year. Available by invitation only, the card is so exclusive, it's hard to get reliable information about it! What's clear is that Centurion is for wealthy [...] Posted in: American Express Credit Card Best Credit Card Deals Rewards Credit Card
Money Tips: American Express Platinum Credit Card Qualifications Written by
September 19, 2006
Editor's Note: This offer expired and is no longer available. Guest: RoroPost subject: American Express Platinum Credit Card QualificationsPosted: Tue Sep 19, 2006 12:34 am Hello, Does anybody know the requirements to get the Amex Platinum Charge card? I've heard that one requires a $150K income and it is by invitation only. I know some friends who have [...] Posted in: American Express Credit Card
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