Google has often been given credit for revolutionizing how the Internet works, but now the giant search engine is giving its users credit. Yes, that's right, Google now has its own credit card.

If you're a small business owner who frequently advertises on Google, and you haven't heard this yet, this may be helpful news for you. Google, in its apparent efforts to take over the digital universe, has just debuted a new credit card, AdWords Business MasterCard. World Financial Capital Bank is issuing the Google credit card.

So far, it's only in beta testing and just available to a random group of American-based advertisers, but assuming it goes over well, it presumably could become any businessperson's card of choice--that is, any businessperson's card of choice for spending money on Google. For everything else, you'll have to use a different business credit card.

That's because the AdWords Business Mastercard can only be used to pay for AdWords, which is the keyword advertising program that Google uses. You know, you type in a keyword in the search engine, and ads, based on the keyword, pop up somewhere on your computer screen. (If you use the credit card to pay for anything other than Google's AdWords, the credit card will self-destruct, and the business owner will be taken into an alley and beaten to a pulp by a gang of twenty-something Google executives, although maybe I just made that last part up to make this paragraph a little more exciting.)

The card has no annual fee and carries an 8.99 percent APR.

There are no perks like rewards points, but the low interest rate should make it an attractive card for small business owners who need to get the word out about their product or service and can't otherwise get a business loan for their marketing purposes.