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February 2011

Debate continues on debit and credit card transaction fee limits

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Posted On: February 21, 2011

With Fed Chairman Bernanke wondering aloud about the effectiveness of a new rule, merchants and banks alike lobby to get consumers on their sides. [...]

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Credit card cramming tactics revealed in FTC investigation

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Posted On: February 14, 2011

How much does it really cost to fight a fraudulent charge on your credit card bill? Some companies count on you thinking that getting a wrong charge removed will take so much time and hassle that you might consider just letting it slide. Other companies think you won't even notice their transaction on your account, [...]

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Watch for changes in bank rewards programs in 2011

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Posted On: February 10, 2011

The Federal Reserve thinks that banks have been charging merchants way too much for the convenience of processing debit and credit card transactions. Over the next year, lower interchange fees may not exactly result in lower prices at your favorite store. However, you'll probably notice some subtle changes to your favorite card reward programs, as [...]

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Credit card company surveys show Americans expect to drop pounds and debt in 2011

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Posted On: February 7, 2011

American credit card holders have wallets and waistlines on their minds at the start of the new year, according to nationwide consumer polls. American Express asked over 2,000 consumers to share their opinions online for their Spending & Saving Tracker poll during December 2010. During the same month, researchers commissioned by Discover Card completed phone [...]

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Whistleblower warns of robo-signer crisis looming in credit card industry

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Posted On: February 7, 2011

Inaccurate information could cause unwanted calls from debt collectors tracking phantom credit card accounts. [...]

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