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June 2010

The History and Evolution of the Credit Card

Written by
Posted On: June 30, 2010

Americans have declared independence from bankers' hours by embracing debit and credit cards over the past few decades. [...]

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Credit Card Statement Enhancements Hit Mailboxes July 1

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Posted On: June 28, 2010

By July 1, credit card issuers must streamline and standardize their monthly statements, making them easy for consumers to understand. If you haven't already seen changes to your monthly credit card bill, here's what to expect: Account Activity, Clear Due Dates, and Minimum Payments Banks must now provide the big picture: How much you paid off, how [...]

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Financial Reform Bill Could Change Credit Card Offerings Again

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Posted On: June 28, 2010

Retailers would pay less in credit card processing fees, with some vendors using cash rebates and discounts to discourage credit card use altogether. [...]

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5 Credit Card Mistakes That Can Cause Divorce

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Posted On: June 25, 2010

Simple slip-ups could cost you the trust and the love of your spouse. Avoid all five of these credit card traps to save your marriage or stop a divorce. [...]

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Credit Card Debt: You Can Run, but You Can't Hide!

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Posted On: June 16, 2010

Debt collectors may have scared you into thinking that you can't take control of your credit card bills, but smart thinking can save you from court cases and wrecked credit scores. [...]

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Don't Max Out Dad's Credit Card for Father's Day!

Written by Beverly Blair Harzog
Posted On: June 11, 2010

"Dad, Can I Borrow the Credit Card for Father's Day?" Things have been tougher for young adults since the Credit��CARD Act placed age and income restrictions on credit cards. You have to be at least 21 to get a card on your own, or else you have to be able to show proof that you have [...]

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Ole, Ole, Oh No! 10 Credit Card Traps to Avoid at the 2010 World Cup and Other Major Sports Events

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Posted On: June 4, 2010

FIFA officials expect to sell nearly three million tickets to World Cup 2010 matches. And if you're one of the roughly 10% of spectators visiting South Africa from elsewhere in the world, you're probably counting on using your credit card during your trip. Follow these ten tips to stay safe and save money from now [...]

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Credit CARD Act Loophole Could Keep You in Debt Longer

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Posted On: June 4, 2010

Despite politicians' promises, it's still hard to knock down the portions of your credit card balances charged at higher interest rates. [...]

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