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February 2010

7 Devastating Credit Card Mistakes to Avoid

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Posted On: February 26, 2010

Seven common mistakes that don't seem like much can actually damage your credit score, according to personal finance experts. [...]

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5 Ways Credit Cards Can Save Your Marriage

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Posted On: February 15, 2010

A slumping economy, a soft job market, and rising credit card debt can strain relationships. If you didn't manage to stun your spouse on Valentine's Day, you may have to call for reinforcements to save your marriage. Fortunately, credit cards offer five great ways to rekindle romance. #1: Redeem credit card reward points on a splurge. Some [...]

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3 Facts Retailers Don't Want Credit Card Customers to Know

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Posted On: February 3, 2010

To accept credit cards at your place of business, you must agree not just to pay standard transaction fees, but to also maintain standards consistent with all other merchants in your processing network. That means covering some of the risk against fraudulent transactions, plus paying interchange fees as high as 4%. As a result, some [...]

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