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July 2006

Credit Tips: What is a Premium Bank Credit Card?

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Posted On: July 13, 2006

Author: phantomega1Posted: Thu Jul 13, 2006 1:01 am Post subject: What is considered a "Premium Bankcard"? I monitor my credit report like a maniac, and recently when I was checking True Credit for their suggestions about what I can improve on my report. Here is one that just showed up [...]

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Credit Tips: American Express Credit Cards After Bankruptcy

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Posted On: July 4, 2006

Author: jamricPosted: Tue Jul 04, 2006 12:18 am Post subject: Can I get an Amex Card after bk? I declared bankruptcy due to loss of job from severe illness, and even though I had every intention of paying of my Amex bill, my attorney advised me to list the card [...]

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Credit Tips: is Discover Credit Card Hard to Get?

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Posted On: July 1, 2006

Author: jojoPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2006 11:42 am Post subject: Time for apply a discover card. i am thinking to apply a discover card now.i have AE(11000),BOA(20000),CHASE,(6000). credit score around 730,will discover approve my application and give me a good limit? PS:i heard discover is not that easy to apply,not [...]

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