Discover Credit Card Offers Can Help Consumers Combat High Gas Prices

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Discover Credit Card Offers Can Help Consumers Combat High Gas Prices

Editor's Note: Thank you for your interest, this offer is expired and is no longer available.

Celebrating 20 years of its Cash Rewards Program, Discover Card currently offers two great ways to save money at the gasoline pumps.

Each quarter, Discover Card offers 5% back for selected purchases within various categories through the Get More Program. For example, Discover currently offers 5% back on all gasoline and auto service and parts through June 30, 2006.

But there is more. Discover also offers a year round 5% cash back on gasoline services through The Discover Platinum Gas Card along with up to 1% back on all other purchases.

I spoke with DiscoverCard spokesperson Jennifer Kang-Born, who offered significant insight into both programs:

cardbenefits"Discover Card pioneered the cash rewards for the credit card industry more than 20 years ago, and grown in popularity ever since. In November 2003, Discover launched the Platinum Gas Card Program which continues to remain one of the more popular programs."

Jennifer explained a number of unique features of the Discover Card in a follow-up e-mail:

orangecard"Unlike programs that place a cap on cash or mileage rewards, Discover Card's Cashback Bonus rewards are unlimited and never expire for active Cardmembers.

[And] no other card company gives Cardmembers the option to double their rewards when they redeem for gift cards and certificates at many of our 60 brand-name partners....

[Similarly,] no credit card company makes it as easy for Cardmembers to build and redeem rewards as we do. Earnings can be redeemed 24/7 by phone or on Discovercard.com. Discover Card also offers more redemption options than any other cash rewards program -- by check, by direct deposit to any bank, by credit to the Discover Card account, or as a gift card/gift certificate through our Cashback Bonus partners.

Discover Cardmembers can [also] donate their Cashback Bonus award to a charity and Discover will add 20% to the following organizations:

    • American Red Cross

    • Junior Achievement

    • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

  • Make-A-Wish Foundation"

As Congress talks about national rebates to offset higher gasoline prices and pursues investigations into price gouging, Discover Card offers consumers immediate relief from high gas prices through these two offers. Other related card offers (including online applications) from other issuers can be reviewed by visiting the Card Reports section of CardRatings.com.

For more information about this topic, please reference our article entitled Fill ‘er Up: Earning Rebates with a Gas Rebate Credit Card.

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