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January 2006

Credit Card Debt Key Factor in Record Number of Consumer Bankruptcies Filed in 2005

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Posted On: January 30, 2006

PADDING-BOTTOM: 15px; PADDING-TOP: 15px"> 2005 consumer bankruptcy filings were the highest on record according to Lundquist Consulting, Inc., experts in bankruptcy statistics and analytics. There were 2,043,535 consumer bankruptcies filed in 2005 as opposed to 1,552,967 filed in 2004. Much of the 31.6 percent rise over 2004 bankruptcy filings can be attributed to the Bankruptcy Abuse [...]

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Protecting Your Credit- The FACT Act in Layman's Terms (Part 2)

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Posted On: January 26, 2006

Editor's Note: This article is the second in a two-part series containing consumer tips regarding the rights of consumers under the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACT Act). Please click here to read the first article in this series. Protecting the Essentials Identity thieves are after your credit card, debit card, and social security numbers. Once [...]

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Protecting Your Credit- The FACT Act in Layman's Terms

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Posted On: January 23, 2006

Do you know all the implications of identity theft? Do you know that an imposter can open lines of credit, drain your bank account, file for bankruptcy, get an ID card, get a job, and even be arrested all in your name? All the missed payments an imposter doesn’t make are reported in your credit [...]

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Will The Number of Delinquent Credit Card Accounts Increase in 2006?

Written by Mike Killian
Posted On: January 18, 2006

The American Bankers Association (ABA) recently posted statistics concerning delinquent credit card payments. The data indicates a continued high delinquency rate, which in turn leads to lower credit scores since past payment history accounts for about 35% of one's credit score. The more recent a tardiness, the more credit score points are sacrificed. A consumer [...]

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U.S. Airways and Juniper Bank Offer 50 cent Flights to Lure Credit Card Applicants

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Posted On: January 16, 2006

Editor's Note: Thank you for your interest, this offer is expired and is no longer available. How does a trip to warm and sunny Cancun sound this time of year? What if your airfare to Cancun cost less than $1.00? For a limited time, U.S. Airways® and Juniper Bank are offering 50¢ airfares to various [...]

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Confusion Rampant Regarding Increased Credit Card Minimum Payments

Written by Mike Killian
Posted On: January 10, 2006

I was anxious when asked to write a follow-up for the feature Credit Card Minimum Payments Rising Soon since this is a pet topic of mine. There has been much confusion in the media regarding this topic and notable fear among consumers. My assignment was to "weed through" the hype and "filter out" the [...]

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Mastercard Launches New Site to Help Consumers Eliminate Credit Card Debt

Written by Mike Killian
Posted On: January 6, 2006

MasterCard has recently launched a consumer assistance site called Debt Know How. I found it not only loaded with great tips and information but a solid reference work for those in need of varying financial calculators. The site is divided into 6 parts: Debt Basics, Debt Warning Signs, Assess Your Debt, Know Your Credit [...]

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Citibank and American Express Announce Major Credit Card Alliance

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Posted On: January 4, 2006

Editor's Note:  These offers have expired and are no longer available.  Citibank (Citi), the largest MasterCard issuer, and American Express recently announced a major partnership whereby Citibank will issue 5 of its popular card offers on the American Express network. The new Citi American Express Cards will feature premium benefits and customer service from Citibank [...]

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