Discover Card Offers New Online Auto Bill Payment Service

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Discover Card Offers New Online Auto Bill Payment Service

Discover Financial Services, Inc. announced in early August a new free bill paying service is now available to cardholders.   Whether the recurring bill comes yearly, quarterly, monthly or weekly members can securely pay multiple bills automatically online as well as earn a Cashback Bonus.   Charges appear on regular Discover Card Account statements, and each bill’s current status and payment history can be viewed online.

Vice President of Portfolio Marketing for Discover Financial Services, Inc. commented,

cardbenefits “We are constantly looking for ways to give our customers added levels of convenience and service.   Not only does this remove the monthly headache of paying your bills, but it also keeps your personal information secure.”

Personal information is secured through the substitution of Discover account numbers with Auto Bill Pay account numbers.   Merchants are given only the Auto Bill Pay account number and never the Discover account number.   In addition, when working online, users are automatically logged out after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Cardholders can sign up through either Discovercard.com or directly with merchants.   The most common merchants are Internet providers, telephone companies, cable and satellite services, subscriptions, entertainment services, and health clubs.   Dicovercard.com provides a list of current merchants, but the service is not limited by this list.   Merchants not listed can be contacted directly or members can e-mail Discover who will work on adding any merchant who accepts Discover as payment.

Some benefits of the service are not available to members who sign up directly with merchants instead of through Discover’s Auto Bill Pay.   For instance, when the card expires Discover will contact each merchant with the updated information only if the member signed up online through Discover.   Otherwise, members will have to contact merchants themselves.

The same is true if the card is stolen or lost.   Once Discover opens and reissues a new account number they will contact each merchant, but not if the member signed up for automatic bill payment directly with the merchant.

Click here for more details about Discover’s online Auto Bill Pay Service.

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