Online Debit Card Usage Exceeds Credit Card Usage

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Posted On: July 18, 2005

In the first part of 2005 Visa debit card e-commerce transactions exceeded credit card transactions. Second quarter debit card e-commerce transactions also increased 38% from the previous year.  &nbspRising; online use of debit cards indicates that consumers are becoming more comfortable with using available funds for Internet purchases.

According to Visa many previous studies showed that consumers had reservations about using their debit cards online due to fear of unauthorized use of their cards.  &nbspIn; response Visa introduced Verified by Visa in 2001 to make consumers feel more secure and increase e-commerce.  &nbspVerified; by Visa is an authentication service that helps protect Visa card holders from unauthorized use.

The increasing popularity of debit cards is not limited to online purchases.  &nbspVisa; reports increased debit card usage from various types of merchants.  &nbspHowever;, the usage has been considered to be in place of cash and checks.  &nbspNow; that debit card usage has exceeded credit card usage on the Internet, it is clear that debit cards are being used instead of credit cards as well.

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