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Added September 27, 2010 from: Beverly Blair Harzog
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Answered By Beverly Blair Harzog:

What is the credit limit on the Citi Platinum Select MasterCard?

Editor's Note: This offer expired and is no longer available.

A look at the terms and conditions for the Citi Platinum Select MasterCard reveals that the minimum credit line offered is $500. But the maximum credit line that a consumer can qualify for isn't shown.

The reason the maximum credit amount isn't revealed is because a credit card issuer determines the credit limit based on your credit history and on other information you provide in your credit card application. If you barely qualify for this card, you'll be likely to receive a credit limit close to the $500 minimum. If you have excellent credit, you'll be considered for a higher credit limit.

Keep in mind that even if you start out with a $500 credit limit, you can probably get a higher limit if you consistently pay your credit card bill on time. The key to a higher credit limit often depends on the specific card and how high a card issuer is willing to go, but it also depends on how diligently you pay your bills.

This question is about:  Citibank Credit Cards | MasterCard Credit Cards
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