TV's Best and Worst Credit Card Users

By cardratings.com, CardRatings contributor
Updated, May 15, 2015
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Credit in TV land: Are sitcom stars good role models?

Every year at about this time, pretty much since TV was invented, the summer of reruns ends and a new fall programming season begins. Turn on the TV and you'll likely find a variety of new episodes from ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX that present realistic life dramas that sometimes poke fun at that great national pastime - credit cards.

Just like real life, some TV characters are responsible with their credit, and some have issues. But even fictional characters with fictional credit card accounts can offer some surprisingly real - and sometimes hilarious - lessons about how to manage and mismanage your credit card account.

Funny credit card quotes

This isn't meant to be a list of every credit card anecdote on every TV show out there, and we stuck to scripted shows (so don't look for Jersey Shore's Snooki, who once asked, after buying a stripper pole, "Wait, is it going to say 'stripper pole' on my credit card? Because my dad will [expletive] freak.")

We're also sticking with shows currently on the air, which means we're leaving out classic moments in TV like when Natalie got a credit card on "The Facts of Life" and promptly ran up a hefty bill.

But for those who want to see how TV's newest stars are handling their credit cards, rated from most responsible (10) to least responsible (0), here's our list.


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