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By Curtis Arnold Editor-in-chief, updated on November 28, 2015

American Express credit card offers have long been synonymous with quality and trustworthiness. The world's largest credit card company in terms of purchase volume, American Express has grown from offering just one charge card that had to be paid in full each month to an array of credit and charge cards to meet varying financial needs. American Express offers credit cards with flexible payment options as well as those that require payment in full at each statement. There are American Express credit and charge cards for individuals, small businesses and corporations.

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Known for top-notch customer service and generous rewards programs, American Express has an excellent reputation among credit card companies. American Express offers cards for personal, business, and corporate use, as well as prepaid cards. The company also offers cards for those interested in earning airline miles, hotel stays, cash back and other perks that come from using their cards.

The world's largest card issuer by purchase volume, American Express has a reputation for quality service and loyal customers.

American Express, among other factors, requires excellent credit or very good history and high credit score in order to be considered for any of their personal cards. The small business cards requires good to excellent credit to be considered for one of their cards.  If you are not sure of your credit score, be sure to check your credit report before you apply. You may have to work to improve your credit score before you are eligible for an American Express card. In addition keep in mind card issuers in general review other credit criteria when determining your eligibility for a card.

Though some American Express cards require the balance to be paid in full each month, there are cards available that offer flexible payment schedules, such as the Blue Cash series. American Express offers a wide variety of cards and customer service representatives who can help you choose the right one for your needs.

American Express offers a wide variety of credit cards which allow you to carry a revolving balance and charge cards which must be repaid in full each month.  Typically you can get a higher credit limit on a charge card, but you must be able to pay off any charges when you receive your periodic statement. Think about how you will use your credit card before you decide which type of card is right for you.

Personal credit cards are available with a variety of credit limits and rewards programs. Business cards with flexible credit terms can make life easier for small business owners, while corporate card programs can handle the credit needs of even the largest companies. Prepaid cards through American Express are an option for teens who want a jump-start learning to manage finances.

Take your time in examining each card available to you before making a final choice. Since American Express personal cards require excellent credit, along with other credit criteria, you may want to check your credit report before applying.

To determine which American Express card is for you, consider what you need most in a credit card or charge card. Are you looking for flexible payments? Do you need a very low interest rate? Are you looking for a card that offers a high credit limit, so you never have to wonder what your balance is? Are you looking for travel rewards, if so American Express partners with airlines and hotels in order to bring you even more perks while traveling.  Think about your priorities and what will work best for you.

  • Travel credit card and charge cards. If you are interested most in a travel card American Express has several that may be a fit for you.
  • Co-branded credit cards. Some American Express credit cards are co-branded with hotel chains and airlines. If you typically use one particular company for travel, you may want to explore the rewards programs of these cards to see if you can accumulate rewards more quickly.
  • Business credit and charge cards. American Express also offers business cards which may help manage cash flow and some cards can earn you rewards.
  • Cash back credit cards. If you are not a frequent traveler, you may be more interested in one of the cash back credit cards that American Express offers. These credit cards do not require quarterly enrollment to earn rewards because you can earn the same reward categories year-round. Terms and limitations apply.

Terms and restrictions apply.

If you think you are ready for an American Express card, browse the offers on this page to see if one meets your needs.