Ticketless Events Use Credit Cards to Foil Scalpers
Credit cards aren't just good for nabbing hot concert tickets anymore. In some cases, credit cards have become the tickets. This summer, TicketMaster will expand its "ticketless events" pilot program for popular tours, including those by Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. Instead of printing out tickets, concertgoers will scan their credit cards and drivers' licenses at the venue gates.

TicketMaster and concert promoters hope that the new program will increase security while reducing ticket scalping for major events. With no physical tickets to sell, scalpers will have little to no ability to charge inflated prices for hard-to-find tickets. Likewise, requiring attendees to swipe the credit card originally used to pay for admission may deter criminal rings that use stolen credit cards to pay for easily resold tickets.

Fans of "tween" acts like Bieber and Cyrus may also be dismayed to learn that parents must accompany them to the venue for a credit card swipe. All members of a ticket buyer's party must be present to be cleared into the venue at the same time, even if the ticket buyer didn't intend to stay for the show. Concert venue managers have posted warnings to patrons purchasing tickets on third party websites, including eBay and StubHub, that their online purchases might not be honored without the original purchaser present.

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