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Palais Royal Credit Card

Credit Card Rate Information:

Balance Transfer
Cash Advance

  24.99% Variable
APR Floor:
Intro Rate:
Intro Period:

Finance Calculation Method:
 Daily Balance
Default/Penalty APR:
Default/Penalty Margin:
Default/Penalty APR Floor:
Penalty/Default Trigger:
Credit Card Fee Information:

Annual Fee:
Foreign Transaction Fee:
Late Fee:
Over-the-limit Fee:
Balance Transfer Fee:


Rebate Description:
 Preferred Card Benefits: $10 Payback Reward for every $250 you spend. $10 Birthday Reward. Christmas Reward. Two Personal Sale Days each year. Advance Notice of Sales. Exclusive Money Saving Coupons 6x's per year. Platinum Card Benefits: All Preferred Benefits, plus: free gift wrap all year long, free shipping on special orders & online purchases, Exclusive Money Saving Coupons 12x's per year, $20 Birthday Reward ($10 Preferred Reward + additional $10 for being Platinum).
Special Notes:
 Retail store credit card. To apply you must be at least 18 years of age, have a valid government-issued photo ID, and have a U.S. Social Security Number. Returned Payment Fee: Up to $30.
Card Issued By:
 Comenity Bank
General Correspondence Address:
 PO Box 182273, Columbus, OH, 43218
Card Type:
Card Class:
Card Category:
States Available In:
Minimum Credit Limit:
Maximum Credit Limit:
Credit Limit Notes:

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