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Orchard Bank Classic MasterCards® - Beach Review

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Curtis Arnold Editor-in-chief
Folks with little or no credit should get a secured card, which this card is not. But what I like about this card is that for those with far less than "good credit" it is one notch above a secured card. They can get this card but not have to deal with secured card issues. This card still reports to the three credit bureaus to help build credit history, which constitutes about 33% of the credit score. Downside: annual fee of $39 or $59 the first year, or $0 - $49 Introductory the first year, then either $35 or $59 per year thereafter depending on the type of card you qualify for and you also have to pay a one-time processing fee of anywhere from $0 to $59. The APR is moderate to high based on credit worthiness.

Orchard Bank Classic MasterCards® - Beach details

Balance Transfer Intro APR:
Balance Transfer Intro Period:
Purchase Intro:
Purchase APR:
14.99% - 24.99% Variable
Annual Fee:
$35 - $59
$39 or $59 the first year, or $0 - $49 Introductory the first year, then either $35 or $59 per year thereafter
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Credit Card Rate Information:

  Balance Transfer
  Cash Advance
 11.74 - 16.74
 11.74 - 16.74
  14.99% - 24.99% Variable
 14.99% - 24.99% Variable
 20.90% Variable
APR Floor:
Intro Rate:
Intro Period:

Finance Calculation Method:
 Average Daily Balance
Default/Penalty APR:
 29.99% Variable
Default/Penalty Margin:
Default/Penalty APR Floor:
Maximum Default APR:
 29.99% Variable
Penalty/Default Trigger:
 Late Payment

Credit Card Fee Information:

Annual Fee:
 $35 - $59 ($39 or $59 the first year, or $0 - $49 Introductory the first year, then either $35 or $59 per year thereafter)
Foreign Transaction Fee:
Late Fee:
 Up to $35
(Up to $35)
Over-the-limit Fee:
 Up to $25
Balance Transfer Fee:
5% ($5 min. )  


Rebate Description:
Special Notes:
Credit Card More Information:

Card Issued By:
 HSBC for Orchard Bank
General Correspondence Address:
 821 2nd Ave #1800
Card Type:
Card Class:
Card Category:
States Available In:
Minimum Credit Limit:
 $200 min.
Maximum Credit Limit:
Credit Limit Notes:

What HSBC for Orchard Bank says about this card

  • An excellent credit card for help rebuilding credit; reports to 3 major credit bureaus monthly
  • Acceptance at millions of locations worldwide, including website purchases and reservations
  • Your account information is updated and at your fingertips 24/7 so you can manage it your way
  • Email and text messages are available to remind you of your upcoming payment due date
  • Knowledgeable customer service representatives to assist you with questions or concerns
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