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Editor's note: This offer expired and is no longer available. Discover Card sometimes gets knocked in the consumer press for not having as wide a merchant network as Visa or MasterCard. Yet, the company that practically invented the cash back credit card has set up a compelling offer to get you to try them out. Pay no interest on any balance transfers you complete during the first few weeks with the card for 18 months. If you plan on using the Discover More Card for everyday expenses, you'll enjoy a CashBack Bonus of up to 5 percent on featured categories and up to 20 percent at partner online retailers.

No annual fee, 3 percent balance transfer fee
This no annual fee credit card offers one of the most affordable balance transfer deals on the market. Instead of the usual 5 percent balance transfer fee that other lenders have started charging, Discover More Card lets you surf a balance during your first few weeks as a cardholder for an upfront fee of only 3 percent.
Even though this credit card carries a higher annual percentage rate than some of its peers, paying down your new purchases can maximize your savings. Because of recent banking industry regulations, any payments you make to the card will apply to purchases with the highest APR. This way, you can park a balance while reserving some of your credit line for additional purchases without losing the best benefit of your promotional offer.

Should you switch to Discover More Card?
You should switch to Discover More Card if you want to consolidate your existing balances into a single account. Unlike other balance transfer credit card offers, Discover More Card doesn't limit you to just one or two transfers at the promotional rate. Keep in mind that you'll only be able to transfer balances from accounts that list you as the primary cardholder. The offer won't apply for balances in someone else's name, even your spouse's.

Highlights: Discover® More - 18 Month Promotional Balance Transfer

Editor's Rating

Discover® More - 18 Month Promotional Balance Transfer

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Credit Required: Excellent This card is no longer available.
Balance Transfer Intro APR


Balance Transfer Intro Period

18 months

Balance Transfer Fee

Purchase APR

10.99% - 20.99% Variable

Annual Fee


Editor's Rating: 5 Star Rating

Discover® More - 18 Month Promotional Balance Transfer

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