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Please evaluate the Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express.

By , CardRatings contributor
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Q: Please evaluate the Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express.

A: Many cash back credit cards require cardholders to spend tremendous amounts of money before they see any substantial benefits. American Express overhauled its Blue Cash cards in the spring of 2011 to address those concerns, offering an "Everyday" cash back rewards card with real earning potential.

When we first covered the relaunch of American Express Blue Cash on our news blog, the generous cash back rewards offered under the "Preferred" banner caught our attention. However, after a few months of monitoring our credit card forum and other online hangouts for bargain hunters, the real story seemed to be Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express.

At the time, spokesperson E-Bai Koo told reporters that he expected an average consumer would save at least $187 per year using the Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express.

After previous versions of the Blue Cash card garnered criticism for being too complex, American Express streamlined the rewards program. The Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express offers more rewards for certain purchase categories, terms and limitations apply. However, it carries a $75 annual fee and excellent credit is required, in addition to other credit requirements, while it's cousin Blue Cash Everyday Card has no annual fee.

American Express Blue Cash Everyday cardmembers enjoy many of the credit card issuer's usual benefits, including purchase protection and dispute resolution. The only downside: some retailers do not accept American Express, citing higher payment processing fees compared to Visa or MasterCard. Otherwise, Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express may be worth a closer look and you may consider adding it to your wallet. Terms and restrictions apply.

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