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  • Americans planning to spend more on overseas vacations, study says

    Boosted by an improving economy and pent-up wanderlust, American tourists plan on spending up to 40 percent more on their next international trips. This figure comes from the Global Travel Intentions Study 2013, commissioned by Visa, which also reports that 81 percent of U.S. travelers prefer to use credit cards when traveling overseas. Mexico and [...]

  • Visa and MasterCard square off against retailers over swipe fee settlement

    The last-minute collapse of a legal settlement between retailers and payment platform operators could set the stage for a new showdown over credit card processing fees. Shortly before the Memorial Day weekend, a group of major retailers opted out of the antitrust settlement first proposed by Visa and MasterCard during the summer of 2012. In [...]

  • Visa research finds low emergency funds across income levels

    More than two-thirds of Americans lack the cash to survive for more than three months after an unexpected illness or job loss, according to research commissioned by Visa Inc. and Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine. The companies unveiled the results of the 2012 Global Financial Literacy Barometer at an annual financial literacy summit sponsored by Visa [...]

  • Visa credit card processing slowed April 1 due to system upgrade

    A "systems upgrade," not another data breach, caused registers to decline or delay Visa transactions on April Fool's Day, according to news reports. For about 45 minutes on the afternoon of April 1, shoppers throughout the United States reported problems using Visa credit cards to complete their purchases. Some payments that had been initially declined [...]

  • Visa tracks dip in Valentine's Day spending

    A modest dip in average spending for Valentine's Day gifts will put more pressure on American men, according to a survey commissioned by Visa Inc. Whether it's a ripple effect from a better-than-expected Christmas season or simply a return to traditional expectations, women in Visa's survey told researchers that they expected to spend less this [...]

  • Visa plans next-gen NFC credit card payments for 2012 Olympics

    Credit card issuers, payment platforms and technology vendors are racing to ensure the London Olympics become the launchpad for next-generation, contactless payment technology. According to a Deutsche Welle report, Visa's sponsorship of the 2012 summer games will help drive faster adoption of near field communication technology that most analysts predict wouldn't become widespread until 2014. Visa [...]

  • US Bank unveils REI Visa credit card app

    Impulse purchases just got a little easier, at least at one major retailer. U.S. Bank has released an iPhone app that allows shoppers to apply for a credit card anywhere and get instant approval for their purchases. The company is launching its app with outdoor clothing and sporting goods retailer REI, a current credit card [...]

  • EMV chip technology coming to a credit card near you

    Starting this month, overseas business travelers who carry Citi corporate credit cards can breathe a little easier when making purchases. And back in the States, regular Joe consumers may soon find themselves inserting instead of swiping their credit cards. Both these changes are thanks to a burgeoning EMV chip technology, which is about to get [...]

  • Visa launches EMV chip incentives to US merchants

    Contactless credit cards and EMV chip transactions may become far more common in the United States after a year-long initiative announced this month by global payments technology planners at Visa Inc. Company spokesperson Jim McCarthy released a statement to reporters, outlining steps his company planned to speed adoption of EMV chip technology already in widespread [...]

  • Visa, MasterCard settle anti-steering lawsuit, AmEx continues the battle

    Visa and MasterCard may have put "steering" challenges behind them, but American Express continues to fight merchants for access to consumer purchases at the checkout lines. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Visa and MasterCard settled government allegations of unfair practices related to retail debit and credit card processing rules. Although company officials and [...]

  • U.S. Bank FlexPerks Travel Rewards Visa fits all payment technologies

    U.S. Bank is poised to release a new "dual interface" card that will facilitate simpler payments for American travelers everywhere in the world. On June 10, U.S. Bank announced its plan to offer customers the advanced US Bank FlexPerks Travel Rewards Visa card, in partnership with Oberthur Technologies and Visa. This new, high-tech credit card offers [...]

  • Amazon enables "shop with points" checkout feature for its rewards credit card

    Chase's partnership with Internet retailer Amazon.com means good news for online bargain hunters. Both companies announced updates to the Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card that enable cardholders to easily earn and redeem reward points on the merchant's website. The "shop with points" function on Amazon's checkout pages now allows customers to pay for all or part of [...]

  • Visa launches text-message discounts for Gap customers

    Credit card giant Visa has partnered with Gap to provide customers with a new loyalty program offering immediate discounts and savings at Gap clothing stores to Visa credit card holders. The program, dubbed "Gap Mobile 4U," has reportedly been in testing since late 2010, and represents the first of perhaps many new partnered discounts that [...]

  • Visa, CashEdge announce P2P payment agreement

    Visa and CashEdge have teamed up to launch a new advancement in the world of money wiring, according to a March 16 report on PR Newswire. All a customer needs is an Internet connection with a bank account on one end and a Visa prepaid, debit or credit card on the other, anywhere in the world. [...]

  • Visa tells banks to anticipate two-tier fee structure for credit card interchange fees

    Officials from Visa revealed plans to manage two tiers of interchange fees, bringing costs for its debit and credit card platform into compliance with new government regulations. Company representatives held conference calls and webinars early this month with banks and credit unions potentially affected by the change. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, [...]

  • Visa enhances online credit card shopping assistant

    Just in time for holiday gift giving, officials from Visa announced new features to the payment platform's Rightcliq online shopping assistant. New partnerships with online retailers have nearly tripled the number of available special deals offered through the service. Visa now offers Rightcliq as an optional plugin for the Google Chrome web browser, enabling special [...]

  • U.S. Bank converts iPhones and Android phones into Visa cards

    U.S. Bank joined the ranks of credit card issuers offering to turn cardholders' mobile phones into wireless payment devices, announcing new services for iPhone and Android phone users. Through a pilot program parnership with Visa, DeviceFidelity, FIS, and Monitise, the company has launched contactless payment solutions on the In2Pay platform. In2Pay technology mimics the signal [...]

  • American Express and Visa Team Up for Enhanced Online Credit Card Security

    American Express officials announced the launch of SafeKey, an online security service that helps prevent fraudulent e-commerce transactions. The service may seem familiar to Visa cardholders, since it uses the same "3-D Secure" technology the powers the popular "Verified by Visa" online security service. 3-D Secure verifies a credit card user's identity by confirming personal [...]

  • Chase Eliminates Foreign Transaction Fee on New BA Visa Signature Card

    Chase joins the small list of banks offering credit cards with no foreign transaction fees for purchases made abroad. The British Airways Visa Signature Card from Chase offers plenty of reward options for frequent international travelers, but company officials admit that an instant savings on every purchase may become the new card's most attractive benefit.Most [...]

  • Visa launches enhanced Authorize.Net Developer Center

    Visa enhanced its support for independent software developers with upgrades to its Authorize.Net Developer Center in late October. The web-based programming community now includes bulletin boards and blogs moderated by Visa and Authorize.Net staff members. The free service grants developers access to sample code libraries for secure credit card processing on websites, through internal billing [...]

  • Visa helps Interpol break phony pharmacy rings

    The credit card industry partnered with Interpol and other global law enforcement officials during the month of October to help curtail the spread of unlicensed online pharmacies. Led by IMPACT, the International Medical Products Anti-Counterfeiting Taskforce, "Operation Pangea III" coordinated the efforts of investigators and banking regulators in over forty countries. The unprecedented international alliance [...]

  • Visa launches two new credit card fraud fighting programs

    Officials from Visa Inc. unveiled two new initiatives this month designed to help prevent credit card fraud. The company's new, consumer-facing website, VisaSecuritySense.com, offers practical tips for personal financial security in both English and Spanish. In addition, Visa announced its participation in the National Cyber Security Alliance's "Stop. Think. Connect." consumer education campaign.A recent Javelin [...]

  • Visa Infinite credit cards key to movie star treatment in Toronto

    Visa Infinite cardholders will enjoy access to special venues and entertainment experiences at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival. Visa company officials announced that at least eight box seats will be reserved for Visa Infinite cardholders at some of the festival's hottest events, including screenings of new films by Ben Affleck and Paul Giamatti.The Visa [...]

  • Visa Testing New Credit Card Design with Screen and Keyboard

    European banks have expanded testing on a new Visa card that contains a small LCD display and a twelve-button keyboard. While the Visa CodeSure credit card doesn't plan on replacing consumers' calculators, it does contain a microchip that generates a constantly changing set of authorization codes. The keyboard and display allows a consumer to interact [...]

  • Visa Encourages Retailers to Scrap Credit Card Details in Security Effort

    Visa officials announced new merchant recommendations this month that could potentially reduce the threat of identity theft from retailers. In a joint statement with the National Retail Federation, Visa urged credit card issuers to accept receipts with suppressed or truncated card numbers as suitable evidence of valid transactions.Until now, merchants responding to complaints of fraudulent [...]

  • Priority Club Select Visa Credit Card Offers Fast Rewards

    With help from online fans, JPMorgan Chase and InterContinental Hotel Group launched a new travel rewards credit card this month, the Priority Club Select Visa. IHG, the parent company of well-known brands like Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza, invited its frequent guests to visit an online forum where they could suggest features for a new [...]

  • M&T Relaunching Visa Credit Cards Once Outsourced to MBNA

    Customers of M&T Bank can prepare to see a flurry of marketing material in their mailboxes this summer, as the bank relaunches its own in-house credit card programs. For the last twelve years, M&T outsourced its credit card lending operations to what was then the white label services division of MBNA. Even after that company [...]

  • Sheetz Launches Platinum Visa Rewards Credit Card

    Pennsylvania-based convenience store Sheetz, known for its made-to-order sandwiches, has partnered with a major bank to offer what company officials call the first "made-to-order" credit card. First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO) will issue the Sheetz Platinum Edition Visa card, backed by significant promotional efforts in over 350 retail locations throughout the eastern United States.During [...]

  • Visa, MasterCard React to Wall Street Reform Bill

    Wall Street lobbyists couldn't stop the Senate from approving a financial reform bill that critics say could hamper credit card issuers' ability to lend. While most of the bill's measures target derivatives trading and other high-risk financial activity, a new wave of rules would restrict cash flow to consumer and small business credit lines. Tighter [...]

  • Credit Card "Pass Back" Transactions Banned by Visa

    Consumers accustomed to hearing "Congratulations" at the conclusion of an e-commerce sale may no longer be subjected to as many cross-promotions after Visa officials announced restrictions on "data pass" transactions. According to news reports, lawmakers considering enacting an official ban on the practice cheered the credit card platform provider for protecting consumer interests.In a typical "data [...]

  • Visa Purchases Merchant Gateway Provider CyberSource for $2 Billion

    Mountain View, California e-commerce payment processor CyberSource will become a major part of Visa's online service strategy after a $2 billion acquisition. According to a report on TechCrunch, Visa agreed to pay $26 per share in cash to purchase the popular processing firm. Industry analysts surveyed by TechCrunch estimate that CyberSource processes over a quarter of [...]

  • Visa Europe Drops Signature Debit Card Transaction Costs

    Officials at Visa Europe expect a sharp reduction in debit card transaction fees will prevent further investigation into the payment platform's business practices, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. Under a new agreement with European Union regulators, the company will command no more than a 0.20% of transaction amounts when processing signature debit [...]

  • Target Discontinues Visa Credit Card

    Target credit cards will stop carrying the Visa logo after April. In a statement released to the Associated Press, company officials assured consumers that current Target Visa cardholders would continue to enjoy access to their accounts. New Target Red Card applicants will receive credit lines and cards accepted only in Target retail locations and on [...]

  • Visa Brings Financial Soccer Educational Video Game to U.S.

    Learning about personal finance now involves a coin toss, goalkeeping, and penalty kicks with the American debut of Visa's Financial Soccer online video game. Los Angeles Galaxy Captain Landon Donovan helped develop the website, which combines realistic sports animation with a fast-paced series of multiple choice questions about credit cards, banking, investing, and the economy."It [...]

  • Rightcliq by Visa to Combine E-Wallet with Social Media Shopping

    Visa cardholders can soon track all of their online purchases in a single place, while getting tips on deals and recommendations from merchants participating in a new service, called Rightcliq by Visa. Officials from the payment technology company staged a preview of its new e-commerce shopping tool during an investor conference in March. Although numerous companies [...]

  • Chase to Offer Hyatt Gold Passport Visa Credit Card

    Hyatt answered the pleas of travel reward aficionados with its announcement of a new, co-branded credit card in partnership with Chase. Hyatt has been, to some observers, strangely absent from the pool of reward credit cards for the past few decades. Online searches for information about Hyatt Gold Passport credit cards often turn up little [...]

  • Luxury Hotel Collection Adds Travel Perks to Visa Signature Credit Cards

    Visa Signature cardholders can now access a premium collection of luxury hotels and resorts, thanks to a new, exclusive travel and concierge services. Through a partnership with Kiwi Collection, Visa has launched the Visa Signature Luxury Hotel Collection. By booking through a members-only website or by calling a Visa Signature concierge, qualifying cardholders can enjoy unprecedented perks [...]

  • Visa Money Transfer Zaps Cash to Australian Credit Cards

    Expats and other global travelers can soon send money directly to their Visa cards from Australian residents, thanks to a new partnership between Visa Inc. and Travelex. The alliance brings the Visa Money Transfer to Australia, enabling consumers to convert cash from a retail location into an account credit on qualifying Visa prepaid, debit, or credit [...]

  • Visa to Eliminate Signatures on Most Small Credit Card Transactions by July 2010

    Visa's experiment in no-signature-required Visa credit card transactions expands to nearly all merchant categories this summer, according to a recent announcement by company officials. Currently, some merchants with frequent, small transactions can waive the signature for Visa cardholders with purchases under $25. At bookstores, cafes, and convenience stores, the No Signature Required program speeds up [...]

  • Visa Processes Nearly $50M in Credit Card Sales During Olympics' First Week

    Credit card swipers have gotten nearly as hot as the competition in Vancouver, with Visa reporting record-breaking international spending in the host city of the Olympic Games. Visa's payment platform recorded over 100,000 unique transactions on February 17, the sixth day of competition. Visa officials report processing nearly $10 million in sales on that day alone, bringing [...]

  • Credit Card Casino Transactions Blocked Ahead of Schedule by Visa and MasterCard

    Credit card processors have cut off thousands of online gaming enthusiasts from casino action, months before new laws would have caused the same result. This month, officials from Visa announced that they would suspend the charging privileges of companies using credit card transactions to fund online gambling accounts, regardless of those companies' home countries. The Unlawful [...]

  • Visa, American Express Post List of Fee-Free Credit Card Donation Sites

    Credit card donations to Haiti relief operations may help cash get to the island faster than text donations, as recently reported on CardRatings.com. However, donors can squeeze extra dollars into each transaction by selecting the right credit card and the right charity.Typically, charities that accept credit cards must pay between two and four percent of pledged [...]

  • Visa Credit Card Issuers Recoup $60 Million from Heartland Hacking Incident

    Some Visa card issuers may be able to recoup losses from a major security breach by participating in a settlement program. Visa officials announced this month a $60 million settlement reached with Heartland Payment Systems over the processor's headline-making hacking attack in 2008. Criminals cracked security at some of Heartland's client retail locations, including convenience stores [...]

  • Visa Shuts Off Credit Card Processing to Web Scammers

    Consumers tricked by false advertisements for weight loss regimens and teeth whiteners received some unexpected intervention from one of the world's largest credit card service providers. Officials from Visa made the unusual move to shut down payment processing services to one hundred marketing companies found to have violated their merchant agreements. Many of the affected companies [...]

  • Credit Card Thieves Work the Phones During Holiday Season

    News reports indicate a surge of credit card fraud calls across the country. Scam artists call households, impersonating bank employees who need to collect credit card numbers and other personal information for a variety of reasons, including: Verifying a recent charge made on a card. Due to an increase in credit card skimming operations, criminals may [...]

  • Visa Extends Olympic Sponsorship to Promote Global Card Use

    Visa's brand will remain linked with the Olympic rings through 2020, after company officials renewed their sponsorship agreement with the International Olympic Committee. Company President Rupert Keeley signed the new deal at a formal ceremony in Moscow attended by Olympic officials from around the world.Visa spokesperson Antonio Lucio told reporters that his company's Olympic sponsorship [...]