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Testing Technology

  • MasterCard planning two-pronged attack on PayPal, with digital wallet and transaction fees due this year

    MasterCard and Visa stepped up their rivalry with PayPal this month, with expansions of their own digital wallet initiatives and the threat of raising fees for third-party merchant processors. According to published news reports, the moves come as PayPal has ventured into point-of-sale transactions at physical checkout counters while offering customers lines of credit through [...]

  • Visa and MasterCard announce smartphone payments alliances at Mobile World Congress

    Visa and MasterCard both announced new initiatives in February designed to speed user adoption of smartphones with contactless credit card capabilities. Visa officials released details of technology alliances with two major vendors that can help bridge the gap between consumers and retailers, while MasterCard unveiled the results of its analysis of consumer demand for Near [...]

  • Visa adding extra credit card security for retailers in 2013

    Visa intends to pave the way for merchant acceptance of EMV credit cards with help from a new data encryption service that launches early next year. According to company spokeswoman Ellen Richey, the payment platform provider intends to offer a point-to-point security solution that scrambles customer data at the terminal, reducing the likelihood of credit [...]

  • LevelUp offers free credit card processing for restaurants and small merchants

    Boston technology company SCVNGR announced a new pricing plan for merchants using its LevelUp platform that brings the cost of credit card processing to zero. In a statement to reporters, SCVNGR spokesman Seth Priebatsch compared the shift to the decision Google made to charge nothing for use of its search engine. (Google is a strategic [...]

  • Sovereign Bank taps LevelUp for mobile wallet promotion

    Sovereign Bank gained a foothold in the race to replace plastic credit and debit cards this month, through a partnership with a mobile payments start-up company. The regional bank, a unit of Spanish financial giant Banco Santander, launched a "First in Mobile Wallet" promotion with Cambridge-based LevelUp. Sovereign customers who link their eligible debit MasterCard [...]

  • Debit, credit cards have not yet yielded to the smartphone

    Americans don't write as many checks as they used to, but they're not yet ready to turn their financial lives over to their cell phone provider. Those results headline a new study commissioned by American Express and involving 1,600 American consumers. Researchers found that younger Americans drive new technology adoption, but older Americans' fears around [...]

  • Social apps from CardSpring and American Express link credit cards to coupons

    Attendees at this year's SXSW tested CardSpring, a new service that links credit cards to discount deals without requiring coupons. To participate, users register their account details online or through a smartphone application. When shopping at participating merchants, point-of-sale systems connected to CardSpring's database recognize a user's registered credit card number. The POS device deducts [...]

  • Pittsburgh researchers invent "on-off switch" for EMV credit cards

    Pittsburgh researchers may have developed a solution for consumers concerned about the security of contactless credit cards. According to Pittsburgh radio station WESA-FM, a team from the University of Pittsburgh's Swanson School of Engineering has implemented a physical contact "switch" into the standard EMV specification. The switch blends into the design of a credit card, breaking [...]

  • Obama, Romney use Square for quick credit card donations

    In 2008, Barack Obama's campaign staffers changed the way political campaigns leverage technology and social media. The President's re-election campaign hopes to revolutionize political donations the same way in 2012, with help from smartphones and mobile credit card readers. Reporters from Politico and the Los Angeles Times have already seen Obama campaign staffers in action, using [...]

  • Visa plans next-gen NFC credit card payments for 2012 Olympics

    Credit card issuers, payment platforms and technology vendors are racing to ensure the London Olympics become the launchpad for next-generation, contactless payment technology. According to a Deutsche Welle report, Visa's sponsorship of the 2012 summer games will help drive faster adoption of near field communication technology that most analysts predict wouldn't become widespread until 2014. Visa [...]

  • Credit card loyalty programs prepare for battle

    Boston has become the proving ground for a pair of services that use credit card purchases to track retail loyalty. Cambridge-based LevelUp enables users to link their credit cards to a secure virtual wallet application that also issues instant discounts for both first-time and repeat purchases. The company operates in Boston, Philadelphia, New York and [...]

  • ROAMpay X improves mobile credit card payment experience

    ROAM Data has upgraded its mCommerce app, addressing its users' greatest concerns with a friendlier merchant and customer experience. ROAMpay X is the Boston-based company's latest product for businesses to use with mobile credit card swipers so they can accept point-of-sale purchases. Small-to-medium businesses use ROAMpay to accept credit card payments from clients using mobile phones [...]

  • NetSwipe makes mobile payments via webcam a reality

    The widespread adoption of mobile payments just got another step closer as NetSwipe released its online application for processing credit card payments via a webcam. Jumio, NetSwipe's parent company, will roll out its mobile versions on Android and iPhone in the coming month and has launched a WordPress plug-in for the popular blog sites which will [...]

  • Square card reader vulnerable to hack attack

    Researchers at Aperture Labs, a security research firm in the UK, have demonstrated two ways to hack the Square payment system to use credit cards fraudulently, security holes they say could streamline cybercrime despite Square's assurances that they monitor all transactions for fraud. Square is one of the latest credit card payment processing systems for iOS [...]

  • Online credit card payments via webcam? Here's Jumio

    Yesterday's science fiction is today's science fact with the all-new Jumio online payment processing, which turns an everyday webcam into a credit card reader. With "Netswiping," the new webcam credit card system unveiled on July 26, Jumio launches a new payment processing model that may soon eclipse the flawed security of tried-and-true data entry systems. Netswiping [...]

  • American Express launches social networking deals on Facebook

    American Express plans to serve up special deals based on the things cardmembers "like" on Facebook. Company officials announced the launch of "Link, Like, Love," a Facebook application that links American Express cards to information shared on the popular social network. The application reviews each cardmember's social graph, including status updates, friend connections, location check-ins, [...]

  • New Citi/AA airline credit card offers "chip and PIN" plus elite perks

    Editor's Note: Thank you for your interest, this offer expired and is no longer available. Citi Cards and American Airlines offer unprecedented benefits and a "chip and PIN" option to lure elite travelers to their latest airline credit card. Travel rewards and perks The Citi Executive / AAdvantage World Elite MasterCard builds on the 24-year relationship between Citi [...]

  • U.S. Bank FlexPerks Travel Rewards Visa fits all payment technologies

    U.S. Bank is poised to release a new "dual interface" card that will facilitate simpler payments for American travelers everywhere in the world. On June 10, U.S. Bank announced its plan to offer customers the advanced US Bank FlexPerks Travel Rewards Visa card, in partnership with Oberthur Technologies and Visa. This new, high-tech credit card offers [...]

  • Concertgoers test MasterCard's futuristic credit card replacement

    Music fans often wear wristbands to access concerts. MasterCard merged that tradition with its own vision of mobile technology at a spring festival in the United Kingdom this month. Guests of the VIP tent at the 2011 Isle of Wight Festival received special MasterCard wristbands featuring embedded PayPass chips like those in the company's credit [...]

  • Google Wallet turns your smartphone into a credit card

    The credit card of the future is almost here, but it isn't a card - it's your phone. On May 26, Google performed a demo of its new payment application, Google Wallet, launching the first of what is sure to be many such payment applications for the iPhone and other smartphones. Google Wallet is scheduled [...]

  • Google and Square launch new credit card processing trials

    Credit card issuers and consumers could shape the next generation of retail payment technology in the cafes and clothing shops of San Francisco, according to industry observers. A Wall Street Journal report suggests that Google will launch trials of a new payment system that allows customers to wave their smart phones at sophisticated cash registers in [...]

  • BillGuard offers crowdsourced fraud protection for credit cards

    Credit card users could help alert each other to scams and hidden fees with help from a new online service that debuted at a technology industry conference in May. TechCrunch reported May 23 that developers from tech startup BillGuard unveiled their new service at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York City. The platform reviews customers' credit [...]

  • Visa launches text-message discounts for Gap customers

    Credit card giant Visa has partnered with Gap to provide customers with a new loyalty program offering immediate discounts and savings at Gap clothing stores to Visa credit card holders. The program, dubbed "Gap Mobile 4U," has reportedly been in testing since late 2010, and represents the first of perhaps many new partnered discounts that [...]

  • Wells Fargo "smart card" introduces US to world standard EMV chip technology

    Wells Fargo is ready to begin testing a new line of U.S. credit cards that will include magnetic stripe technology, as well as the newer EMV microchip technology that has become standard in credit cards worldwide. The company has announced that it will begin a pilot test of these Visa "smart cards" by the middle [...]