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Student Credit

  • Credit card delinquencies fall below student loan delinquencies for the first time

    For the first time since regulators started keeping records, Americans have let more of their student loan balances fall into delinquency than their credit cards. As reported by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, more than 11 percent of the nation's $956 billion in student loans have gone unpaid for longer than 90 days. [...]

  • Law professor questions banks' adherence to student credit card rules

    Credit card issuers have found loopholes in regulations designed to limit marketing of student credit cards on campus, according to a professor at the University of Houston Law Center. In a new study released this month, professor Jim Hawkins reveals evidence that the Credit CARD Act has done relatively little to restrict aggressive sales tactics [...]

  • Student credit card debt outpaces inflation

    The job market may recover, but the credit of a young generation of Americans remains in jeopardy, according to a report issued this month by TD Economics. The research team, funded by the global TD Bank Group, warns that credit card debt among American college students has "ballooned" faster than the rate of inflation. Without targeted [...]

  • Bank of America tops Fed's shrinking list of college credit card partnerships

    Credit card agreements between banks and colleges declined in 2010, even though the number of lenders seeking access to college students and alumni grew slightly since 2009. Those details emerged from the Federal Reserve Board's annual report to Congress on the state of marketing relationships among universities, colleges, alumni associations, and banks. According to the Fed, [...]

  • Students still in marketing crosshairs of credit card companies

    The Credit CARD Act banned some of the most popular credit card marketing practices on campus, including prize giveaways and party sponsorships. Students under 21 can't get credit cards on their own, without the support of a co-signer, making impulse applications much less practical. Yet, some marketers have figured out loopholes in the system, enabling [...]

  • Mixtape Motif Wins Discover Student Credit Card Design Content

    With new banking regulations making it harder for lenders to market student credit cards, Discover has turned to the web for help. In February, company officials announced the winners of Discover's first ever social media student credit card design contest. Winning artist Rainna Langley earned a $1,000 prize for her re-imagining of a Discover student credit [...]

  • Student Credit Card Tips from Discover Card

    Rising student credit card debt and a tough economy are creating a unique scenario on college campuses. Students not only face mounting expenses, but they must also deal with new credit card legislation that could impact how they pay for those expenses. While we have heard from many consumer advocates on this topic, I thought it would [...]

  • Credit Card Marketing Restricted on Illinois College Campuses

    Credit card-sponsored frisbees, t-shirts, and travel vouchers for college students become a thing of the past on Illinois campuses this January. On August 11, Governor Pat Quinn signed a sweeping new law that restricts the marketing activities of credit card issuers on college campuses. The law also requires colleges to disclose revenues from co-branded credit cards and [...]