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Small Business Credit Cards

  • Small business surveys from Capital One and NFIB reveal guarded optimism

    Capital One's latest survey of small business owners has revealed that most entrepreneurs feel optimistic about the future of their local communities, even if they believe the nation's economy hasn't yet fully rebounded. According to Capital One's second quarter 2013 Spark Small Business Barometer, 45 percent of respondents told researchers that they felt optimistic about [...]

  • Capital One Spark: Double miles, double rewards

    Capital One continues to tempt consumers and small business owners alike with its rewards cards. In its Spark series, Capital One offers not one but six reward cards designed to appeal to entrepreneurs. The suite of cards is dubbed "Spark Business" and comprises six products with tools and benefits specially designed to help you run your [...]

  • New technologies woo business credit card users

    As London officials gear up for a "contactless" Olympic Games this summer, industry analysts report that the public's lack of awareness about new credit card technology could hamper its adoption. According to a YouGov study, fewer than 1 in 10 Britons knew they could use contactless credit cards or NFC-enabled smartphones to pay for meals [...]

  • Capital One launches Spark small business credit card line

    The Spark small business credit card line was recently launched by Capital One and the company, in a press release, notes it wants to offer small business owners increased rewards from everyday purchases. The company's new portfolio offers a total of six credit card choices. The six new credit cards are offering such rewards as cash [...]

  • American Express Business Gold Rewards card offers social media perks

    Editor's Note: Thank you for your interest, this offer is expired and is no longer available. American Express continues its campaign to win over the nation's small business owners with the rollout of a new The Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN offer. Company officials announced the new version of its iconic charge card [...]

  • Ink from Chase boosts rewards for small business expenses

    Chase credit cards for business carry some new reward options, according to company officials. In a statement to reporters, representatives from JPMorgan Chase & Co. announced updates to the company's Ink from Chase brand. The business credit cards enable company owners and purchasing agents to earn points or dollars on each transaction, at rates higher [...]

  • Nilson: Chase dominated credit card growth in 2010

    The Nilson Report has recently released its annual figures for the top commercial and business credit cards of 2010. This list includes some of the largest banks in the U.S., as well as figures for their total numbers of accounts, credit cards, and their growth (or loss) compared to the same figures in 2009. J.P. Morgan [...]

  • PNC Bank: Business credit cards sustain 60 percent of women-owned companies

    Business credit cards fuel the startup dreams of three in five women entrepreneurs, according to a new survey commissioned by PNC Bank. Between March and May, the regional bank's researchers asked 1,300 female company owners and senior decision makers to share their thoughts on the state of the American business climate. According to the survey [...]

  • Chase credit card offers $200 cash back for Small Business Week

    Editor's Note: Thank you for your interest, this offer expired and is no longer available. Chase credit cards will play a major role in the bank's commitment to lend $12 billion to small businesses this year. Company officials announced that its neighborhood branches and credit card service centers would participate in the Small Business Administration's annual [...]

  • American Express survey highlights small business optimism for early 2011

    Accountants, marketing professionals and social media experts stand the best chances of finding jobs at small businesses sometime in the next six months, according to a new survey commissioned by American Express. The semi-annual American Express OPEN Small Business Monitor reports that more than a third of small business owners expected to hire new employees [...]

  • Chase small business credit cards and loans top $10 billion in 2010

    Officials from Chase told reporters in December that they had exceeded their company's goal of lending more than $10 billion to small businesses across the United States during the 2010 calendar year. Much of Chase's small business lending in 2010 came from its credit card division, spearheaded by the launch of the Ink from Chase [...]

  • Discover Card survey measures mobile smart phone penetration among small business owners

    According to a research study commissioned by Discover Card, one in three small business owners in America use smart phones. In the most recent survey, researchers asked respondents whether they use Android, iOS, or Windows Mobile devices to run their businesses when away from the office. A similar consumer survey found only a quarter of [...]

  • Discover survey reveals optimism among small business owners

    Small business owners headed into the holiday season with the most optimistic attitudes they've enjoyed for some time, according to the latest edition of the Discover Small Business Watch. The monthly index enjoyed a three point bounce, rising to 87.2 points in November, an eleven point gain from the same period a year ago.Discover spokesperson [...]

  • American Express backs Small Business Saturday shopping initiative with $25 rebates

    American Express has joined over a dozen advocacy groups in an effort to celebrate America's small business owners on the Saturday following Thanksgiving. Although most shoppers raid big box stores for bargains on Black Friday, American Express OPEN encourages gift givers to spend some time in locally-owned businesses during the holiday season. The "Small Business [...]

  • American Express Business ExtrAA Corporate Platinum Card offers perks to companies and employees

    Midsize companies can enjoy stronger productivity and lower travel expenses with help from a new American Express card. Officials from American Express and American Airlines launched the Business ExtrAA Corporate Platinum Card to complement the partnership's already popular Corporate Card. The new card offers benefits and special rewards to both individual employees and their companies.Travelers [...]

  • Discover research suggests six more months of small business struggle

    Despite nearly three in four small business owners reporting that they had been hurt by the recession, a monthly survey commissioned by Discover Card revealed a leveling-off of cash flow problems for American companies. Participants in the September 2010 edition of the Discover Small Business Watch told researchers that they expected six or more months [...]

  • Discover Card Survey Shows Business Owners Abandoning Hiring, "Green Projects"

    Hopes for a strong summer wilted among small business owners, according to a survey commissioned by Discover Card. The August 2010 edition of the Discover Small Business Watch revealed the biggest one-month dip in respondents' confidence since November 2009. More than half of the 750 businesses in Discover's random survey expect another six months of [...]

  • Credit Cards Essential for One-Third of Small Business Owners

    More than one in three small business owners rely on credit cards, home equity loans, or loans against retirement funds to keep their companies running, according to a survey conducted by MerchantCircle. Only about five percent of survey respondents reported that access to business credit had improved during Q2 of 2010, a modest improvement from [...]

  • Study Connects Small Business Credit Card Use to Job Creation

    A new study confirmed conventional wisdom by linking small business credit card availability to job creation and revenue. Under commission by the American Bankers Association, Keybridge Research examined data from the Federal Reserve tracking and from Dun & Bradstreet. Reviewing a sample of over 4,000 representative small businesses, researchers measured the effects of expanded small [...]

  • Discover Card Reports Increased Small Business Optimism

    Despite concerns over the Greek banking crisis and the "flash crash," American small business owners reported a second straight month of increased confidence. The May edition of the Discover Small Business Watch index rose to 87.4, its highest level in seven months. Although slightly more than half of small business owners responding to the credit card issuer's [...]

  • Small Business Credit Card Holders Get Easy Savings from Chase and MasterCard

    A new partnership between JPMorgan Chase and MasterCard may result in millions of dollars in savings for small business credit card holders. Starting this month, Chase credit card holders with small business accounts can participate in MasterCard's Easy Savings program. Easy Savings provides business buyers with automatic rebates from thousands of popular vendors, ranging from [...]

  • American Express Sponsored Business Coaches Return for Summer Road Show

    Small business owners, already feeling positive in a year of economic recovery, can enjoy a complimentary speed coaching session thanks to a partnership between American Express OPEN and SCORE. Resuming a road tour first started in 2007, the Small Business Speed Coaching Test Drive combines half-hour mentoring sessions with group workshops and seminars in cities across [...]

  • Discover Survey Reveals Small Business Optimism for Spring

    Small business owners are shaking off the winter doldrums, according to new research released by credit card issuer, Discover Card. The Discover Small Business Watch index rose 10.3 points from March, to 85.1 in April. The index measures relative confidence in the economy among small business owners with five or fewer employees.More than half of those [...]

  • Discover Card Survey Reveals Little Stimulus Money Reaching Small Businesses

    More than two out of three small business owners see no direct benefit from government stimulus money, according to a recent survey commissioned by Discover Card. The February edition of the Discover Small Business Watch reveals that only 10% of respondents enjoyed a financial boost thanks to Washington funds, while 17% of respondents told researchers that [...]

  • Business Recovery Boosts American Express Credit Card Profits in Q4

    Positive business spending trends and fewer account charge-offs helped American Express cash out a fourth quarter profit of $710 million, with diluted earnings per share of $0.59. The figures represent an increase of 132% from the same period a year ago. Year-over-year losses declined by just under 50 percent during the fourth quarter, since the company [...]

  • Business Credit Cards Carry Bigger Risk in 2010

    Small business owners rely on credit cards to keep their companies afloat. However, according to a recent Wall Street Journal report, many small business credit cards carry pitfalls and fine print that could surprise some entrepreneurs. Because new banking rules under the Credit CARD Act apply to consumer credit cards and not to business credit accounts, [...]

  • Diners Club International Grows Brand Beyond Business in New Ad Campaign

    Diners Club International launched a global branding campaign this month to reinvigorate one of the world's oldest and best known credit card franchises. A refreshed logo and a series of highly polished television ads mark the first major changes to Diners Club International's branding in six years. The TV spots celebrate cardholders' success, positioning the [...]

  • Small Business Credit Card Issuer Advanta Prepares for Bankruptcy

    Small business credit card issuer Advanta filed for bankruptcy this month, as default rates among its former cardholders soared above the fifty percent mark. At its peak, the Philadelphia-based lender was rated among the top twenty credit card issuers by volume. However, the impact of a soft economy forced many entrepreneurs and business owners to miss [...]

  • Small Business Credit Card Issuers Poised to Help Customers Leverage Stimulus

    As leaders of community banks and credit unions raised concerns about a government initiative to increase lending to small business owners, one group of lenders stands poised to help their account holders act quickly on new opportunities: small business credit card issuers. Over the past few months, many major banks and retailers have overhauled their small [...]

  • MasterCard Sweetens Deals for Utility Company Business Credit Card Acceptance

    As more Americans use credit cards and debit cards to eliminate paper bills from their households, merchant banks and payment platforms hope new initiatives can convince more utility companies to accept plastic. According to a report in Digital Transactions News, MasterCard has started a pilot program that significantly cuts the interchange fees on utility payments made [...]

  • Chase Announces New Business Credit Cards

    Chase Bank announced its intention to seize a bigger share of the business credit card market by unveiling a new suite of products under the "Ink from Chase" brand. Geared toward small business owners, the series of Ink credit cards each feature a distinguishing benefit: Ink Plus Business Card small business owners can earn reward points that can [...]

  • American Express Wins Inaugural Small Business Support Award

    An experiment to add value for business credit card holders has won acclaim from the entrepreneurial community. Now in its third year, the American Express OPEN partnership with SCORE (the non-profit agency formerly known as the Service Corps of Retired Executives) has created numerous opportunities to connect business owners with experienced mentors. Free business coaching and [...]

  • Credit Card Only Policy Sets New Tone for Small Businesses

    Diners at a Manhattan eatery have expressed shock when waitstaff refuse to accept payment in cash. Greenwich Village restaurant Commerce, recently profiled in the Wall Street Journal, accepts credit cards only. The establishment's owner told reporters that adopting the plastic-only policy has cut down his accounting expenses while improving security. Despite the potential inconvenience--most New York [...]

  • American Express Shines a Light on Small Businesses

    The Shine a Light program, launched by American Express and NBC Universal, allows consumers to nominate their favorite small business for a $100,000 prize for grant and marketing support. Nancy Smith, Vice President of Global Media and Content and Community at American Express, was contacted about the company's involvement. What is the ultimate goal of the [...]

  • Small Business Credit Card Holders See Economic Improvement

    Small business owners feel the pressure of making credit card payments more than most American consumers. However, good news from Wall Street appears to have trickled down to Main Street, according to a new survey of small business owners commissioned by Discover Financial Services. An indexed ranking of survey responses produced the highest score in eighteen months, [...]

  • Business Professionals Seek Strategic Help from For-Profit Credit Counseling Agencies

    According to recent statistics, nearly 100,000 Americans sought advice from a credit counseling agency in June 2009. That figure represents an increase of over a third from the same period a year earlier, underscoring the financial pressure faced by citizens across the country. Many Americans find themselves searching for answers in the wake of sudden [...]

  • Country's Largest Credit Card Arbitration Company Exits Business

    Facing both civil and criminal complaints, the National Arbitration Forum alerted consumer agencies and court officials that it would cease handling credit card dispute negotiations on behalf of the banking industry. The Minnesota Attorney General's office had uncovered links between the NAF, credit card companies, and debt collection firms that raised doubts about the Forum's [...]

  • Entrepreneurs Learn Credit Card Strategies at Speed Coaching Events

    Starting a new company in an economic recession often requires three things: a great idea, a generous small business credit card, and solid advice. Officials at American Express OPEN hope to connect entrepreneurs with all three at a series of seven live events throughout the spring and summer. The "Small Business Speed Coaching Test Drive" offers [...]