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Credit card share of holiday spending drops, while gift card purchases rise

Although shoppers are trending to spend slightly more on holiday gifts this year than in 2011, a pair of consumer surveys indicates that only about two-thirds of those presents will get charged to credit card accounts. According to research commissioned by the National Retail Federation, the typical American household plans to spend just under $750 [...]

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Western Union sets sights on prepaid card market

Western Union wants to grow its footprint to more than a million locations over the next few years, and the company thinks a line of prepaid debit cards can help achieve that goal. The global payment services provider celebrated the opening of its 500,000th agent location in April, and news reports indicate that upcoming partnerships [...]

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US Bank, NCSU offer prepaid debit MasterCard as student ID

U.S Bank is partnering with North Carolina State University to offer new students, staff and faculty a prepaid debit MasterCard that will also double as a campus identification card. Known as the Wolfpack One Card, it will be made available to incoming freshmen this June. The new prepaid debit card will be good for purchases made [...]

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American Express to sell prepaid cards through Office Depot stores

American Express will make its reloadable prepaid card available for purchase at Office Depot stores, the company announced in a press release. More than 1,100 Office Depot locations will be selling the card for a one-time fee of $4.95 and customers can load up to $500 on it at the register. The agreement marks the [...]

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H&R Block touts quick tax refund with Emerald Prepaid MasterCard

As tax season approaches, H&R Block is once again promoting its Emerald Prepaid MasterCard. The tax preparation firm launched its prepaid debit card in 2007, according to H&R Block, as a way for consumers to quickly receive their tax refunds. H&R Block offers the Emerald Prepaid MasterCard to its tax preparation customers. The card can also [...]

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Suze Orman's prepaid card launches debate

Another celebrity credit card has been announced, but this has the backing of some of financial responsibility's most powerful players. Suze Orman, along with Bancorp Bank, has launched the Approved Card, a prepaid MasterCard, according to CNN. Orman backed the card with $1 million of her own money; there are no other partners. The Approved Card [...]

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Judge delays rule restricting fees on secured credit cards

"Fee harvester" credit card offers could return to American mailboxes after a court ruling postponing changes to the Federal Reserve Board's Regulation Z. Board governors rewrote the "Truth in Lending" regulation in response to 2009's Credit CARD Act, restricting card issuers' signup and setup fees to no more than 25 percent of a new account's [...]

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Prepaid credit card users: Prepare for higher fees

What's a low-income family to do when their credit card rates get hiked? Prepaid credit cards, once solely marketed to low-income consumers, have become trendy in a recovering economy where everyone is trying to tighten their purse strings. But along with their popularity come new fees and charges that will affect not only the wealthier consumers [...]

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American Express rolls out low-cost prepaid credit card

The new prepaid credit card from American Express breaks all the rules for reloadable cards by charging minimal fees to cardholders - a rarity in a credit niche that's known for hidden fees and charges. This new offer capitalizes on the rising popularity of prepaid accounts, but merchants may be footing the bill. Prepaid credit cards [...]

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PULSE Brings PIN Security to Online Debit Card Transactions

While online merchants have joined the fray over credit card processing fees, one payment processing platform hopes to attract retailers and consumers to a familiar service. Engineers at PULSE have rolled out an online version of their debit/ATM processing platform. Cardholders accustomed to entering a four-to-eight digit PIN at a supermarket checkout can choose the [...]

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