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  • MasterCard pledges up to $4 million in new Stand Up To Cancer donations when diners pay with plastic

    Major League Baseball mascots Mr. Met and the Phillie Phanatic joined sitcom star Eric Stonestreet in a new series of television ads highlighting MasterCard's "Dig In and Do Good" charity campaign. The payment platform operator has earmarked up to $4 million in donations for Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), an entertainment community initiative that encourages [...]

  • FTC cuts off credit card processing to phone spam operators after MasterCard cites fraud

    Federal investigators widened the hunt for companies suspected of scamming consumers with promises of credit card rate reduction services. According to officials at the Federal Trade Commission, eight more defendants have joined the original list of seven alleged fraudsters accused of using robocalls to sign up new members for a program called "Treasure Your Success." In [...]

  • MasterCard plans shift to EMV-enabled ATMs by 2016

    MasterCard officials expanded its roadmap for EMV, or smart-chip enabled, debit and credit card technology to include automatic teller machines. After October 2016, banks can hold ATM operators liable for fraudulent withdrawals and cash advances from debit and credit cards. MasterCard's announcement was the first to specifically address ATM operators, who had been waiting for [...]

  • Concert wristbands link to MasterCard PayPass for food and beverage

    For the second year in a row, payment platform companies used European music festivals as proving grounds for contactless credit card technology. Last year, Isle of Wight Festival organizers encouraged VIP ticketholders to pay for food and drink with wristbands linked to prepaid debit card accounts. This year, the festival issued wristbands to over 10,000 [...]

  • MasterCard credit cards getting Intel Inside

    Consumers used to seeing "Intel Inside" stamped on their computers could soon enjoy similar technology in their credit cards, thanks to an alliance between the chip maker and payment platform provider MasterCard. This month, the companies announced a strategic collaboration to explore streamlined customer experiences that include enhanced payment security. In a statement to reporters, company [...]

  • Credit or debit? Duo card lets shoppers choose

    Fifth Third Bank hopes to slim down its customers' wallets with the introduction of Duo, a single magnetic stripe card that can swipe through retail checkouts as either a debit or a credit card. Other banks have experimented with storing multiple account profiles on a single piece of plastic. Most notably, Citi has launched overseas trials [...]

  • Visa, MasterCard settle anti-steering lawsuit, AmEx continues the battle

    Visa and MasterCard may have put "steering" challenges behind them, but American Express continues to fight merchants for access to consumer purchases at the checkout lines. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Visa and MasterCard settled government allegations of unfair practices related to retail debit and credit card processing rules. Although company officials and [...]

  • New Citi/AA airline credit card offers "chip and PIN" plus elite perks

    Editor's Note: Thank you for your interest, this offer expired and is no longer available. Citi Cards and American Airlines offer unprecedented benefits and a "chip and PIN" option to lure elite travelers to their latest airline credit card. Travel rewards and perks The Citi Executive / AAdvantage World Elite MasterCard builds on the 24-year relationship between Citi [...]

  • MasterCard launches Priceless New York experience rewards

    MasterCard wants to treat cardholders to "priceless" experiences in New York and other cities around the world with the debut of a new loyalty program. Company officials told reporters they intended to launch a series of city-specific websites offering special access to special events and performances reserved exclusively for MasterCard customers. For its first featured [...]

  • Concertgoers test MasterCard's futuristic credit card replacement

    Music fans often wear wristbands to access concerts. MasterCard merged that tradition with its own vision of mobile technology at a spring festival in the United Kingdom this month. Guests of the VIP tent at the 2011 Isle of Wight Festival received special MasterCard wristbands featuring embedded PayPass chips like those in the company's credit [...]

  • MasterCard automates carbon emissions reporting for business credit card users

    The best business credit cards will soon help companies reduce their environmental impact, according to officials from MasterCard and Brighter Planet. The credit card platform and the business intelligence bureau announced plans to integrate cardholders' spending details with carbon emissions data. Select corporate credit card users could then see the carbon footprint of their company [...]

  • MasterCard ad campaign aims to lure customers from American Express, Visa Signature

    MasterCard Worldwide officials announced an advertising campaign to highlight new benefits of the brand's World Elite premium credit cards. The marketing push arrives as credit card issuers step up competition over less risky, high income borrowers. Positioned as an alternative to the American Express Centurion Card and the Visa Signature Card, MasterCard World Elite credit [...]

  • MasterCard PriceAssure locks in lowest airfares on participating airlines

    Travelers now have a major incentive to use MasterCard when purchasing airline tickets, with the debut of a new airfare price assurance program. In a statement to reporters, company spokesperson Chris Aguas revealed that a MasterCard consumer survey showed 77 percent of travelers worry about timing their purchases to get the best deal on airfares. The payment [...]

  • Business is booming for MasterCard

    MasterCard has released its quarterly report for 2011, showing a 24 percent rise in credit card profits over the same quarter last year and fueling speculation over how it will measure up to its biggest rival when Visa reports its own quarterly profits on Thursday. On May 3, MasterCard reported its first quarter earnings for 2011. [...]

  • Chrysler Group, MasterCard announce new rewards credit card

    Chrysler Group announced it will introduce a new automotive rewards credit card in May. The carmaker is collaborating with First National Bank of Omaha and MasterCard on this co-branded card that would bear one of the following names: Chrysler, Jeep, Ram Truck, Dodge or Fiat. The purpose of the new credit card rewards program is to [...]

  • MasterCard: Jan 2011 retail spending up 5.5 percent from year ago

    American retailers weathered fears of a slump in January 2011 to post their biggest year-over-year gains since April 2010, according to a new report from MasterCard Advisors. Factoring out automotive sales, MasterCard Advisors' SpendingPulse reported retail growth of 5.5 percent in January 2011 compared to the same period a year earlier. When using seasonally adjusted [...]

  • Banco Popular launches 0% APR balance transfer MasterCard

    Banco Popular North America recently launched its MasterCard Platinum XTRA credit card, offering substantial rewards for customers who transfer balances from its Platinum or Secured credit cards, or from other accounts. The Banco Popular MasterCard Platinum XTRA account offers a zero percent APR for nine months on all balance transfers completed in the first three [...]

  • MasterCard takes on Groupon with Overwhelming Offers

    MasterCard revealed a new program that aims to make every day Black Friday through the duration of the holiday shopping season. In a statement to reporters, company officials announced a new series of special daily deals under the Overwhelming Offers brand on the company's own MasterCard MarketPlace website. Mirroring the success of daily deal services [...]

  • MasterCard tests 3D credit card in Taiwan

    MasterCard may have made headlines with the world's first 3D credit card, released in Taiwan this month. However, the card's underlying technology enables advanced security features more beneficial to cardholders than just an eye-popping graphic display. The MasterCard SinoPac Display Card features a dynamic, 3D display that shows a sequence of six digits at the [...]

  • Overstock.com MasterCard credit card offers up to 8% rebate

    Bargain hunters can earn extra rewards when making online purchases, thanks to a new credit card partnership between First National Bank of Omaha and Overstock.com. The popular online retailer will lend its logo to the Overstock.com MasterCard credit card. Customers can earn extra rewards when using the card to check out at Overstock.com, along with [...]

  • MasterCard Invites Software Developers to Mash Up Credit Card Data

    MasterCard officials beckoned software developers to explore their credit card payment platform with the release of a new open programming toolkit. The API allows software, such as mobile phone apps, to directly interface with MasterCard processing systems that were once only available with expensive merchant accounts. "Over the past few years, we have used some of [...]

  • Small Business Credit Card Holders Get Easy Savings from Chase and MasterCard

    A new partnership between JPMorgan Chase and MasterCard may result in millions of dollars in savings for small business credit card holders. Starting this month, Chase credit card holders with small business accounts can participate in MasterCard's Easy Savings program. Easy Savings provides business buyers with automatic rebates from thousands of popular vendors, ranging from [...]

  • MasterCard Labs Promises Credit Card Innovations

    MasterCard officials affirmed their commitment to payment innovation this month with the launch of MasterCard Labs. Headed by former Orbiscom CEO Garry Lyons, MasterCard Labs will develop new payment technology for consumers and for credit card issuers. Bringing research and development in-house can help MasterCard compete more effectively with other payment platform providers, including Visa, Discover, [...]

  • Credit Cards Evolving into Contactless Payment Solutions, Say Platform Providers

    Panelists at a conference session in Las Vegas debated the future of point-of-sale payments, and whether the cash register of the future will be fueled by contactless credit cards or by mobile phone applications. The debate took place during the CTIA conference in Las Vegas, where representatives of the banking, technology, and communications industries converged [...]