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Gas Cards

  • Gas rewards card swipe fees challenged

    Credit card interchange fees cost Americans roughly 7 cents per gallon of gas in March, according to a new report published by NACS, a trade association for convenience and fuel retailing. The NACS report called credit card swipe fees a convenience retailer's largest operating expense after labor. A typical gas station, according to the report, [...]

  • ExxonMobil Personal Card Holders Get Special Dining Awards This Fall

    A full gas tank can lead to a full stomach, thanks to a new partnership between Citi, ExxonMobil, and Restaurant.com. Between September 1st and November 30th, cardholders with ExxonMobil Personal Card accounts who purchase 100 gallons of gas can register for a $50 credit at Restaurant.com. The credit can be redeemed for gift certificates valid [...]

  • New Credit Card Saves Cash at Shell Gas Pumps

    As energy companies compete for loyalty at the pump with a variety of savings cards and points-tracking programs, Shell has teamed up with Citibank to introduce a new private label gas card, the Shell Drive for Five Card. With the new Shell Drive for Five credit card, customers receive statement credits each month that they meet the 45 gallon minimum [...]

  • Las Vegas Cabbies Ask for Mobile Credit Card Terminals

    Attendees of the recent CTIA conference in Las Vegas agreed that mobile payment platforms based on secure cellular data streams could revolutionize a variety of industries. However, many of those same panelists and audience members couldn't pay for their taxi rides using debit or credit cards, thanks to an administrative ruling by county officials.Most of [...]