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Financial Literacy

  • Bank president's book aims to inspire financial literacy among urban kids

    By giving away her book aimed at "tweens," the leader of a regional bank wants to help boost financial literacy among urban youth across the country. The bank's President and Chief Operating Officer Teri Williams wrote "I Got Bank! What My Granddad Taught Me About Money" to help spark conversations about money management among families [...]

  • Bankers help kids gain financial literacy, while FICO researchers explain how to earn high credit scores

    Bankers helped enrich the lives of more than 130,000 American children by participating in Get Smart About Credit Day during October. The American Bankers Association Education Foundation and its partner banks staged financial literacy events in over 450 communities. The sessions gave bank employees and other volunteers the chance to share financial education tips ranging [...]

  • Capital One and ING DIRECT discover one in four teens can't distinguish credit from debit

    As many as one in four American teenagers don't know the difference between a debit card and a credit card, according to a survey commissioned by ING DIRECT USA and its parent company, Capital One. 24 percent of respondents told researchers that they thought spending money with a debit card involved borrowing a bank's money [...]

  • Jump$tart offers $5K financial literacy scholarship for high school seniors

    Seventeen high school students can turn their financial literacy into college money, thanks to a scholarship competition sponsored by some of the country's largest financial services companies. In a recent email to CardRatings.com, Laura Levine, president and CEO of the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy, announced that the Financial Services Roundtable has launched their [...]

  • Virginia uses quiz bowl competition to encourage financial literacy

    Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell wants to discover his state's students with the sharpest personal finance skills. In a statement to reporters, McDonnell announced the Governor's Challenge in Economics and Personal Finance, a semester-long program to encourage financial literacy in the state's high schools. Teams of four students each can qualify for a "quiz bowl" style [...]

  • Financial literacy, not income, best predicts household wealth

    Improving household financial literacy can mean the difference between arriving at retirement age with no assets and enjoying more than three times the net worth of a neighboring household, according to a recent white paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research. Maarten van Rooij, Annamaria Lusardi, and Rob J. Alessie used a methodology developed [...]

  • American Express offers free online job search tools

    American Express may have found a way to create new customers by investing in tools that help young professionals find jobs. The credit card issuer released a statement to reporters this month, announcing partnerships with two online services that officials hope will assist 20-somethings with their employment searches. Both online initiatives are free and open [...]

  • Capital One extends financial literacy training to DC nonprofits

    To help celebrate ten years of partnership with financial advocacy group Consumer Action, Capital One sponsored a day-long financial literacy training seminar for nonprofit organizations and community groups in the District of Columbia. Representatives of over 60 area agencies signed up to participate in the event, designed to give community leaders stronger tools to educate [...]

  • Study links financial well-being with lack of credit card debt

    Despite the trend among U.S. consumers to decrease their reliance on credit cards in the wake of the economic crash of 2008, a recent study shows many Americans are still dependent on plastic for daily expenses and are financially hampered by their credit card debt. In Understanding the Debt Difference, Demos, a New York City-based [...]

  • Camp Millionaire teaches kids financial literacy

    Despite signs of post-recession economic recovery and an easing of credit card debt, author and educator Elisabeth Donati warns of future fiscal disaster if Americans don't focus on financial literacy. The challenge, she says, involves making financial education interesting for kids that might find the topic dull. Instead of boring lectures about bills and debts, [...]

  • Financial Football teaches teens money management skills.

    Members of the San Francisco 49ers helped Visa Inc. officials kick off the latest phase of their personal finance education program for high school students this month. Appearing at the North Salinas High School, Quarterback Alex Smith and linebacker Patrick Willis unveiled "Financial Football," an NFL-themed money management video game available for free online or [...]

  • Halloween ghost tale helps parents teach money management

    Parents can use Halloween to share a scary ghost story that can help kids avoid personal finance horror tales later in life, according to one financial education author. In the audio adventure "Sammy and the Greedy Ghost," a bunny who loves to bank discovers his savings have gone missing. Sammy Rabbit uses a system of [...]

  • Credit card issuer and personal finance expert champion National Money Night Talk

    Parents sitting down with their kids for "the talk" takes on a new meaning this Thursday night, with American Express sponsoring "The National Money Night Talk" on September 16th. Presented in association with personal finance expert Jean Chatzky, the program offers online tools to help parents openly discuss money and credit with their children.Chatzky has [...]

  • Rabbit Teaches Kids to Build Savings Habits

    American parents may have to thank a suspender-wearing rabbit for teaching their kids to sing and dance about saving money. The double-CD set, Sammy's Secret, Dream, and Discovery, includes nineteen songs and three voice adventures that help young listeners enhance their money management skills.Sammy Rabbit is the brainchild of former financial consultant Sam X Renick. [...]

  • California Expert Helps Kids Win the Money Game

    Parents facing financial frustration after the recent recession have adopted new methods to teach their children how to build better relationships with money. In Santa Barbara, financial literacy expert Elisabeth Donati runs Camp Millionaire, a series of two-day and five-day day camp events designed to enhance students' understanding of how to both save and earn [...]

  • Survey Says Teens Lack Understanding of Credit Cards, Investing

    Economists expressed concern at the results of a recent survey measuring American teens' understanding of personal finance. For the eleventh consecutive year, Junior Achievement and The Allstate Foundation conducted a "Teens and Personal Finance" survey. 22% of respondents admitted that they didn't budget their money, while nearly half of the teens surveyed told researchers that they [...]

  • Experian Helps Deliver Financial Literacy Education to Community Banks

    A prominent coalition of banks has teamed up with credit bureau Experian to expand financial education initiatives in America's urban centers and distressed communities. The National Bankers Association Foundation announced this month that its partnership with Experian would bring compelling financial literacy workshops and classes to member bank branches, schools, and community centers throughout the country."Ensuring all [...]